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Zenobia (film) Quotes

Zenobia (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Zenobia stopped airing in 1970.

It features Hal Roach as producer, Marvin Hatley in charge of musical score, and Karl Struss as head of cinematography.

Zenobia (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Zenobia (film) is 73 min. long. Zenobia (film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Oliver Hardy as Dr. Tibbett, Philip Hurlic as Zeke, Hattie McDaniel as Dehlia, James Ellison as Jeff Carter, Billie Burke as Mrs. Tibbett, and Stepin Fetchit as Zero.

Zenobia (film) Quotes

Oliver Hardy as Dr. Tibbett

  • (Oliver Hardy) "Oh, Zeke, where are you?"
  • (Philip Hurlic) "Here I is."
  • (Oliver Hardy) "You get the boots shined?"
  • (Philip Hurlic) "Ya sah"
  • (Oliver Hardy) "Oh, that's fine. Let's put 'em on."
  • (Philip Hurlic) "Dr. Tibbett, will I ever turn white?"
  • (Oliver Hardy) "Oh, I'm afraid not, Zeke. Why?"
  • (Philip Hurlic) "Well, I'm never gonna be nothin' else 'cept just what I am, only bigger?"
  • (Oliver Hardy) "Well, what's wrong with being just what you are?"
  • (Philip Hurlic) "Just that all the other little boys around, they can go to parties, like the party tonight. Cause they're white. And I can't, cause I'm not."
  • (Oliver Hardy) "Listen, Zeke, you don't go to white folks parties. I don't go to colored folks parties. But, that makes no real difference. You understand?"
  • (Philip Hurlic) "No sah."
  • (Oliver Hardy) "Well, Zeke, its like this, you know that medicine kit down in my office?"
  • (Philip Hurlic) "Ya sah."
  • (Oliver Hardy) "Well, there's black pills in it and there's white pills in it. And they're both good kinds of pills. Some people couldn't do without one kind and some couldn't do without the other. You understand?"
  • (Philip Hurlic) "No sah."
  • (Oliver Hardy) "Well, I'll put it another way then. You know next to that medicine kit, what hangs in that big frame over the desk?"
  • (Philip Hurlic) "Ya sah."
  • (Oliver Hardy) "Well, that just isn't about countries. That's about people, all kinds. Like black pills, white pills, red, yellow, all colors. What that tells us is, that ALL people can find life, liberty and happiness. You understand now?"
  • (Philip Hurlic) "No sah, not exactly."
  • (Oliver Hardy) "Come here Zeke. Did you ever own a quarter?"
  • (Philip Hurlic) "No sah."
  • (Oliver Hardy) "Well, you go down in that office and learn a little bit of that everyday and when you get it all learned by heart, I'm going to give you this quarter. Do you understand that?"
  • (Philip Hurlic) "Yes sir."
  • (Unnamed) "Better hang on to that horseshoe Doc. You may need it for luck."
  • (Oliver Hardy) "George, if you never do anything to be ashamed of, you don't have to worry about being lucky."

Stepin Fetchit as Zero

  • (Stepin Fetchit) "That's the biggest rabbit I ever saw."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Is-Is this what you want?"
  • (Hattie McDaniel) "No, that ain't it."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "If that chicken don't look good enough to eat, I'll eat it."
  • (Hattie McDaniel) "No you won't."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Not even the gizzards?"

Billie Burke as Mrs. Tibbett

  • (Billie Burke) "Zero, have you seen the Doctor?"
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "I seen him at dinner time out early this mornin', Miss Tibbett."

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