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Army Quotations

Armies have existed for milliniums and are an important part of every countries government for protecting the people and the nation's best interests. An army can be used for war, but it can also be used for safe tasks, such as when a natural disaster occurs, handing out food and clothing, and protecting a countries boarders. They are the people who give their lives in order to keep the rest of us safe and away from worries.

These Army quotes are dedicated to all the brave men and women soldiers around the world.

Cavalry is useful before, during, and after the battle.
Without cavalry, battles are without result.
The only way to form an army to be confided in, was a systematic discipline, by which means all men may be made heroes.
John Adams
An army, like a serpent, travels on its belly.
Frederick II
A cherished cause and a general who inspires confidence by previous success are powerful means of electrifying an army.
Henri de Jomini
Training distinguishes an army from an armed mob.
Douglas MacArthur
It is not big armies that win battles, it is the good ones.
Maurice de Saxe
An army is strengthened by labor and enervated by idleness.
An army is a nation within a nation, it is one of the vices of courage.
Alfred de Vigny
Join the army. Visit strange and exotic places. Meet fascinating people. And kill them.
American saying
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