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1920s Academy Award Winners

The 1920s saw the first Academy Awards, the first talking picture, and, of course, the first musical. The era saw a boom in movie audiences when the price of the Model T dropped to just $300 (equivalent to $3,2000 in 2009) and the market was bull. The film industry was dominated by comedy and adventure with films like The Three Muskateers, Robin Hood, and The Black Pirate.

The films were awarded within the Academy calendar therefor included some releases from one year and some from the next. The 1927-1929 "Best Picture" awards were originally called "Outstanding Picture". At the first Academy Awards (1927-1928) two films were awarded for "Best Picture", Wings as "Best Production" and Sunrise as "Best Unique and Artistic Production". At the time Sunrise was seen as the superior film, but Wings was retroactively given the title of Best Picture the year later. The first Academy awards was the only not to be broadcasted.

1920s Oscar Winners for Best Picture

1928-1929: The Broadway Melody
1927-1928: Sunrise (Best Unique and Artistic Production)
1927-1928: Wings (Best Production)

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