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Quotations from Braveheart

Braveheart is a 1995 action-biography drama about William Wallace, a 13th Century Scotsman who attempts to overthrow English rule within his country. Even though some of the story is based on the real William Wallace, most of this movie is fiction. Directed by Mel Gibson. Starring Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, and Patrick McGoohan. This film won five Oscar awards, including Best Director, Best Makeup, and Best Picture.

Braveheart is a film seen and remembered by all. It contains numerous amounts of great lines and quotes. Read some of them below.

Campbell: I'm dying. Let me be.
Hamish: No. You're going to live.
Campbell: I've lived long enough to live free. Proud to see you become the man you are. I'm a happy man.
William Wallace: Every man dies, not every man really lives.
Robert's Father: At last, you know what it means to hate. Now you're ready to be a king.
Robert the Bruce: My hate will die with you.
William Wallace: Go back to England and tell them there that Scotland's daughters and her sons are yours no more. Tell them Scotland is free.
Hamish: Personal escort of the princess.
William Wallace: Aye.
Hamish: Musta made an impression.
William Wallace: Aye.
Hamish: I didn't think you were in the tent that long.
William Wallace: Why do you help me?
Princess Isabelle: Because of the way you are looking at me now.
Longshanks: Not the archers. My scouts tell me their archers are miles away and no threat to us. Arrows cost money. Use up the Irish. The dead cost nothing.
Malcolm Wallace: Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.
William Wallace: Lower your flags and march straight back to England, stopping at every home you pass by to beg forgiveness for a hundred years of theft, rape, and murder. Do that and your men shall live. Do it not, and every one of you will die today.
William Wallace: [voiceover] In the Year of our Lord 1314, patriots of Scotland - starving and outnumbered - charged the fields of Bannockburn. They fought like warrior poets; they fought like Scotsmen, and won their freedom.
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