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Quotations from Pinocchio

Pinocchio is an action-adventure drama about a living puppet who wishes he would become a real boy. The movie follows the life of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet carved by Geppetoo and brought to life by a blue fairy. The fairy tells the puppet that he can become a real boy, only if he can prove himself to be truthful, brave, and unselfish. He learns pretty quickly that lying does have consequences. This film was directed by several sequence and supervising directors, including T. Hee and Hamilton Luske. Starring the voices of Mel Blanc, Dickie Jones, and Christian Rub.

Pinocchio won two Oscar awards: Best Music, Original Score and Best Music, Original Song. Even today, the movie is considered one of the best children's films of all-time. Read some quotes from Pinocchio below.

The Blue Fairy: Now, remember, Pinocchio, be a good boy. And always let your conscience be your guide.
Geppetto: Who's there?
Pinocchio: It's me.
Geppetto: [relieved] Oh. It's me.
The Blue Fairy: A boy who won't be good, might just as well be made of wood.
Pinocchio: Father, what are you crying for?
Geppetto: Because you're dead, Pinocchio.
Pinocchio: No! No, I'm not.
Geppetto: Yes. Yes, you are. Lie down.
[Pinocchio has told a lie and his nose has grown]
Pinocchio: What's happened?
The Blue Fairy: Perhaps you haven't been telling the truth, Pinocchio.
Jiminy Cricket: Perhaps?
Jiminy Cricket: [to Pinocchio] Remember what I said about temptations?
[points to Honest John]
Jiminy Cricket: That's him.
Pinocchio: Oh, no, Jiminy. That's Mr. Honest John.
Jiminy Cricket: [shocked] Honest John?
[Jiminy arrives at the billiard hall on Pleasure Island and is shocked to see Pinocchio there smoking and playing pool]
Jiminy Cricket: [shouting] Pinocchio! So, this is where I find you! How do you ever expect to be a real boy? Look at yourself. Smoking! Playing pool!
[Jiminy angrily kicks a billiard ball next to him, only to hurt his foot. He hops around, clutching his foot and yelling out in pain] Jiminy Cricket: Oww! You're comin' right home with me, this minute!
[Having been ditched by Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket starts to leave Pleausre Island]
Jiminy Cricket: Lampwick, hmph! Lampwick! Burns me up after all I tried to do for him. Who's his conscience, anyway? Me or that hoodlum Lampwick? Well, I've had enough of this. I'm takin' the next boat outta here.
Geppetto: Now close your eyes and go to sleep.
Pinocchio: Why?
Geppetto: Everybody has to sleep. Figaro goes to sleep, and Cleo, and besides, tomorrow, you've got to go to school.
Pinocchio: Why?
Geppetto: Oh, to learn things, and get smart.
Pinocchio: Why?
Geppetto: [starts to fall asleep] Because.
Pinocchio: Oh.
Foulfellow: [seeing a poster for Stromboli's puppet show] Well, well, well! Stromboli! So that old rascal's back in town, eh?
[to Gideon]
Foulfellow: Remember the time I put strings on you and passed you off as a puppet?
[Foulfellow laughs]
Foulfellow: We nearly put one over on that old gypsy that time.
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