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Quotations from The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments is a historical adventure drama film that follows the life of Moses as he leads the Jews out of Egypt and gives them the ten commandments. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Starring Charlton Heston, Yul brynner, and Anne Baxter. Influenced by "Pillar of Fire" by Joseph Holt Ingraham, "On Eagle's Wings" by A.E. Southon, and "Prince of Egypt" by Dorothy Clarke Wilson. This was the last film directed by DeMille.

The Ten Commandments received mostly positive reviews upon its first release and was a huge success financially. Adjusted for inflation, the film would still be in the top ten all-time for box office films. And let's not forget, ticket prices in the 1950s were much more consumer friendly. Today, this movie is looked at as a classic and must see during Passover, Easter, and Christmas. It is now preserved in the National Film Registry. It won the Oscar for Best Special Effects and was nominated for Best Picture. Continue reading for some quotes from

The Ten Commandments.

Moses: Will you swear in the name of your god that you are not my mother?
Yochabel: We do not even know His name.
Moses: Then look into my eyes and tell me you are not my mother.
Yochabel: Oh, Moses, I cannot!
Sethi: With so many slaves, you could build an army.
Moses: But I have built a city. These lions of pharaoh will guard its gates, and it shall be the city of Sethi's glory.
Sethi: Are the slaves loyal to Sethi's glory or to you, Moses?
Moses: The slaves worship their god. And I serve only you.
Nefretiri: Take care, old frog, you croak too much against Moses.
Moses: Love cannot drown truth, Nefretiri. You do believe it, or you would not have killed Memnet.
Nefretiri: I love you. That's the only truth I know.
Moses: Did this child of the Nile have a mother?
Nefretiri: Memnet called her Yochabel.
Moses: I will ask Bithiah.
Moses: Memnet spoke a Hebrew woman named Yochabel. Did you ever know her?
Bithiah: No.
Moses: Yours was the face I saw above my cradle. The only mother I've ever known. Wherever I am led and whatever I must do, I will always love you.
Yochabel: God of our fathers, who has appointed an end to the bondage of Israel, blessed am I among all mothers in the land.
Joshua: Praise God, I have found you.
Moses: Joshua? I thought you dead.
Joshua: In the copper mines of Sinai, the living are dead.
Moses: Sephora, bring water. How did you find me?
Joshua: A merchant buying copper saw you in the tent of Jethro.
Moses: Here you too will find peace, Joshua.
Joshua: Peace? How can you find peace or want it, when Ramses builds cities mortared with the blood of our people?
Moses: Let my people go.
Joshua: Four hundred years we have waited.
Moses: Pharaoh's soldiers will not wait so long.
Joshua: The Almighty has heard our outcry. You are the Chosen One!
Moses: I know nothing of your god.
Joshua: He knows you, Moses. He has brought you to us, and you cannot turn your back upon Him. You will deliver us!
Nefretiri: Do not exhaust yourself, Great One.
Sethi: [on his deathbed] You are the only thing I regret leaving. You have been my joy.
Nefretiri: And you my only love.
Sethi: Now you're cheating. There was another. I know. I loved him, too. With my last breath, I'll break my own law and speak the name of... Moses. Moses.
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