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Quotations About Christmas Elves

Christmas elves are some of the most underrated part of the holidays. They are always seen but hardly ever heard from. They make the toys and get very little love from kids.

Below are some quotes all about the Christmas elves.

All those poor elves I haven't set free yet, having to stay over during Christmas because there aren't enough hats!
Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
A world in which elves exist and magic works offers greater opportunities to digress and explore.
Terry Brooks
If elves were real and there is only one Santa, then the elves could definitely take over the North Pole if there were an uprising.
Why does Santa Claus get all the attention when the elves do most of the work?
Anonymous, but probably by an elf
Q: Why do elves wear green?
A: They are the opposite of Santa. Santa is fat, tall, white, and lazy. The elves are skinny, short, tan, and work hours upon hours to get the toys finished in time for Christmas.

The tears of elves are what makes Christmas happen.
The day when the elves finally go strike is the day when billions of school children cry.
Christmas without elves isn't a Christmas at all.
Christmas, Santa, and elves: nothing else comes close to this fantasy.
Santa is the typical boss. He asks his workers to do all the work and then he takes all the credit.
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