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Quotes for Graduation from Parents

Graduation is one of the biggest stepping stones in life. It brings us new opportunities, a new life, and a whole lot of new mysteries.

Parents go through a lot of different emotions during this time: happiness, sadness, and anxiety. These quotes for graduation listed below are from a few select parents around the United States for their own children graduating.

The chance to make a difference in the world starts with a diploma.
Matt, from Ohio
Ever since he was a little boy, I prayed for this day to come.
Eva, from Pennsylvania
Separating our children's needs and our wants is an important part of making them happy and living a fulfilling life.
George, from New York
Graduation is the first step to a new life, a good job, and getting out of our house.
Stephen, from Texas

After graduating from a University it is important to stay focused and continue your dreams. Dreams should only begin at graduation and not end until we are dead.
Frank, from Wisconsin
Children grow up fast. They soon go through Elementary School, Middle School, then High School and College. But no matter what age they are, they are still our babies.
Susan, from Kansas
Under the right circumstances we are able to graduate. Graduate not only from school but also from our past life in order to overcome our difficulties and triumph where it once seemed impossible.
Wilson, from Illinois
Life doesn't end at graduation. It begins.
Jennifer, from Virginia
No matter what you decide to major in at college, always choose what you enjoy. Enjoyment and happiness is the true meaning of life.
Evelyn, from Oklahoma
When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. When life gives you a diploma you make a new life.
Sean, from Nevada
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