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Victoria Day Quotations

Victoria Day is set to honor both Queen Victoria's birthday and the current reigning sovereign's official birthday. In Canada, this day is sometimes referred to as May Two-Four, May Long, or May Long Weekend. To help celebrate this glorious day, you'll find some fantastic quotes below about these members of royalty.

And hail their queen, fair regent of the night.
Erasmus Darwin
Although a madman, Norton wrote letters to Abraham Lincoln and Queen Victoria which they took seriously.
Kerry Thornley
God bless America. God save the Queen. God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia.
Russell Crowe
I do not want a husband who honours me as a queen, if he does not love me as a woman.
Elizabeth I
Shaking hands with the Queen of England was a long way from being forced to sit in the colored section of the bus going into downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.
Althea Gibson
The past cannot be cured.
Elizabeth I
The monarchy is so extraordinarily useful. When Britain wins a battle she shouts, "God save the Queen"; when she loses, she votes down the prime minister.
Winston Churchill
It is as queen of Canada that I am here. Queen of Canada and all Canadians, not just one or two ancestral strains.
Elizabeth II
We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist.
Queen Victoria
The important thing is not what they think of me, but what I think of them.
Queen Victoria
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