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Typical Break Up Lines

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Break Up
Let's Talk

For whatever reason, it's sometimes hard to start a conversation with our partner. This is even more true when we are about to break up with them. Nonetheless, many choose to use the same lines as others when doing the deed. Even though it's a bit cliche, who cares? The lines get the job done. So here they are, our favorite break up lines.

Top 10 starting break up lines

  1. We need to talk.

    Very rarely does this mean something other than, "Something is definitely wrong with us. We need to break up." Of course, if you hear this, you can go ahead and preemptively break up with them. That's always a good idea if you are having second thoughts yourself. It takes the power away from your partner.

  2. It's not your fault. It's me.

    Sure it is. As if you break up with your partner because of your own faults. Right.

  3. I've lied.

    Yep, I figured. But what exactly did you lie about? Did you grow up with a tail? Are you a former man? Oh, you mean you really did cheat on me.

  4. Do you remember when I said everything is alright?

    Yeah, I figured you were lying, but I let it go. I wouldn't have asked you if everything was alright if I thought everything was actually alright.

  5. You are like a sister/brother to me.

    Uhm, we aren't related. How could I be like your brother? Have you had a relationship with your brother? Did you do what you did to me in the shower with your brother? Ugh!

  6. I think we would be better off friends.

    What exactly does this even mean? I love you, and yet you want to only be friends? Yeah, right. Goodbye!

  7. I don't love you any more.

    Did you actually love me in the first place?

  8. Do you really want to know why I go out to dinner with my assistant?

    But, but, you are both men. You work together. What else could you be doing? Oh... you are gay.

  9. Have you always been so boring?

    We were friends before we started dating. You knew what I was like! Quit being mean to me!

  10. Give me back my keys.

    How about tomorrow? I need to get all my things out of the apartment first.

If you are trying to find a way to break up with your partner, you might as well use one of these. They are used often and your partner most likely will know what's coming. No reason to recreate the wheel.