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Poetry About Friendships

True friends are near and dear to everyone's heart. The poetry written below were created to show the importance of friendships and relationships.

With friendships being such an important part of our life, we go through good times and bad. These friends are the same people who make who we are. Of course, true friends are those who treat us like brothers and sisters. They stay with us for life and are there when we need them and we are there for them.

Relationships may sometimes be confusing if we aren't for sure whether we are just friends or something more than that. We watch the days pass not knowing what will come next.

Personal Friendship Poetry

This poetry was written during a time when I truly needed friends in my life. Of course, sometimes I wanted to be more than simply 'friends.' However, it wasn't meant to be, and so writings flew through my hands.

  • Best Friends - What is a true best friend?
  • Just Friends - Oh how much I wanted to be with her, but we were only friends.
  • Love or Friendship - What are we? Are we in love or is it merely friendship?
  • Torn - Torn between two people. Who will it be? Either? Neither? Which?