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Quotations by Famous People About Relationships

Relationships are important to our everyday life. Whether those relationships are work related, family, friends, teachers, or lovers, they all play a huge role in our lives.

The following quotes are handpicked in order to have the most effect. These by authors, actors, philosophers and other famous people to give us a view from all angles. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did when I picked them out.

Being Single

Being single is tough work. But it also has its benefits. Read these quotations to help you through.

Broken Hearts

When we go through a break up, our lives sometimes feel shattered. Here are some thoughts on how to get better and the feeling we go through.


Friends are great to have on our side. Check out these great sayings.


Love is one of the strongest emotions. It can make us romantic, sad, happy, and even crushed.


About everything great and scary about getting married or engaged to the one we love.