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Short & Cute Holiday Poems

Holiday poetry is magical. It brings out those special little emotions bundled up inside us for each and every holiday imaginable. Whether it is Christmas or Halloween, poetry can play an important role in setting the mood and direction the holiday will travel with your family.

Holidays have always brought about some type of feeling. Whether it be happiness or sadness, it is the perfect time to reflect on friends and family, your history together, and your future together.

Poetry has always been a way to express our feelings towards others no matter the time of year. So what better way than to combine holidays and poetry to let out all our frustrations or bring about a laugh, smile, and be silly? It can make us feel better and get in that special mood the holiday deserves.

Here is a list of holiday poems written by Gary R. Hess to help celebrate each special occasion with short and cute writings. Hopefully it'll inspire you to write your own and share them with your family. If nothing else, writing your own poetry can make for great gifts! They are also a great way to simply let out your emotions during a stressful time of year.

Holiday Poems

Poetry written for all occasions and holidays. Some are for children, some are for adults, read and share them to make you and your friends laugh.

January 1: New Year's poems - A few cute poems to help get your through the New Year.
Feb 14: Valentine's Day poems - A few great short and cute poems for friends and lovers.
March 14: St. Patrick's Day poems - Although rarely seen as a poetic holiday, here are a few short but great poems I wrote.
After March 21 (First Sunday after the full moon following the vernal equinox): Easter poems - A few great poems written for kids on Easter eggs, bunnies, and more.
May (3rd Sunday): Mother's Day poems - A great present for this special day for mom.
June (3rd Sunday): Father's Day poems - A couple great short ones written for dad.
July 4: 4th of July poems - One of my favorite holidays and most inspiring to writing.
September (1st Monday): Labor Day poems - No work but still poetry.
October 31: Cute Halloween poems for Kids - Boo! Lots of great things to write about for children.
November (4th Thursday): Cute Thanksgiving poems for Kids - Lots of great stuff for your friends, family, and the turkey.
Dec 25: Christmas poems - Ah Xmas. Tons of great memories and stories.