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10 Short Love Poems for You to Enjoy

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Poetry

Love poems, also known as romance poetry, is a fantastic genre full of wonder, imagination, hope, and sadness. The writings can make our hearts beat strong, our cheeks blush, and even our eyes turn into tears. The power behind love is amazing. It is perhaps one of the greatest feelings of all.

Some of you may love to read poetry and are just looking for a new list to begin reading. Others may be working on an assignment and just want to get the easiest poem possible to explicate or read in class.

No matter your reason, we have poems for you. Actually, these are even great for memorizing and later reciting to your loved one at an opportune time. They'll love you for it and maybe you'll be able to make a secret request from them at some point for the good you've done.

Regardless, when it comes to reading poetry, I'm sure most of you will agree that the shorter the poem is the more likely you'll understand it, enjoy it, and not get too bored while reading. This is why I have come up with a list of 10 short poems for each of you to try.

I'm a lover of cute, short, and meaningful poems. Here's what I ask in return: read all of them before making a decision on which one to use. Who knows, you might fall passionately in love with them all and begin to appreciate poetry the same way I do.

  1. "When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be" by John Keats
  2. "Still to be Neat" by Benjamin Jonson
  3. "Music, When Soft Voices Die" by Percy Shelley
  4. "O Mistress Mine" by William Shakespeare
  5. "How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  6. "I Never Lost As Much" by Emily Dickinson
  7. "La Vita Nuova" by Dante Alighieri
  8. "A Lover" by Amy Lowell
  9. "Night Thoughts" by Johann Wolfgang Goethe
  10. "The Ragged Wood" by William Butler Yeats

Every work listed above is a beloved famous but small romantic poem. They are all written before the cutoff date of the Public Domain license. This means that they are free to use and distribute. So feel free to use them as much as you like. You can even alter the poems and create your own great work! Just be sure to reference the author and work properly when using it.

I hope you enjoyed the list and will continue to come back and read more.