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Great Thanksgiving Movies for the Entire Family

Thanksgiving is just around the corner for both Canada and the United States. Though, Canada's Thanksgiving is a bit different than the USA's, it is still a day of feast and thanks. To help celebrate this great holiday, here is a list of great famous movies to watch with your entire family.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Peanuts has always been a favorite of mine. Whether it is Valentine's, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, the Peanuts are there with a fantastic movie just waiting to be watched.

This film is nothing different. The movie consists of Charlie Brown preparing Thanksgiving for his good friends, but only knows how to make toast and cereal.

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

I'm a huge Steve Martin fan, so it shouldn't be a surprise that this is listed. Martin joins John Candy in pursuit of getting home for the holidays. After a snowstorm and re-routed to Wichita, they decide to try other means to get home. Of course, the two just don't get along.

Hannah & Her Sisters

This is a story about an extended family, both starting and ending on Thanksgiving over a two-year period. This Woody Allen film is star-studded with the likes of Mia Farrow, Michael Caine, and yes, Allen himself. From sadness to happiness, this film takes a look at each characters life and how they changed throughout the period.

Plymouth Adventure

This movie is a classic which depicts the life of pilgrims on the Mayflower and the characters voyage across the Atlantic. With Spencer Tracy as a captain and love in the air, this film is ripe for a great Thanksgiving day showing.

Home for the Holidays

A film directed by Jodie Foster and that stars Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr. and takes place on Thanksgiving is a great way to start the day. Oh, I didn't mention that Robert Downey Jr. plays a homosexual and Holly Hunter's character just lost her job and her sister is conservative.

Pieces of April

This is a story about a woman estranged from her family. Her mother is dying of breast cancer, so she decides to hold a Thanksgiving dinner in her honor. The film goes through the families travels to NYC, the woman's boyfriend's attempt to impress the family, and the preparation of the meal which almost ends in disaster.

The Little Orphan

This is the movie which brought Tom and Jerry (yes, the cat and mouse) to fame, even though it is in fact their 40th film together. The two comedic characters duel on Thanksgiving, dressed in many of the typical holiday costumes.

Miracle on 34th Street

This is probably one of the most famous movies shown between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and rightfully so. This is a story about a Macy's which may or may not have the real Santa as their in store-helper. A classic.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

A classic film about a poor boy who finds a golden ticket and is granted a trip to a famous chocolate factory. If you've seen this film, you might be wondering why it is on this list. The answer is: it takes place in November with snow on the ground, helping the time of year have feelings.

Addams Family Values

A weird Thanksgiving film, right? Nope! Pugsly and Wednesday are at a camp and illustrate what Thanksgiving means. They dress up and such, making this a great family film. As a fan of the original Addams Family, this film does justice to the series and is a great movie to watch on this holiday.