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The 11 Most Disturbing Films of All-Time

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Movies

Since we've already ran down The 10 Best Classic Horror Movies and The 10 Best Scary Movies for Halloween, I thought it would be a good time to go through the most disturbing films of all-time.

These films most likely aren't a good choice for a slow Sunday afternoon, but they are definitely worth seeing to realize just how messed up human life can be. So here are the most disturbing films of all-time:

11. The Omen

This has been one of my favorite horror movies recently. And yes, I do actually like both the original and the newly updated version. This film is incredibly disturbing due to its psychological atmosphere and overall plot. How would you feel if you found out your child was actually Satan's?

10. The Wicker Man

Although many people severely dislike the Nicholas Cage version, there is something about a group of females with male slaves (not the good kind) that is just a wee bit demented. No worries though, you can skip that version and look to the Christopher Lee one. In this, although still about a secluded clan, a quite a bit different film is happening and yes, there are even men in power.

9. Silence of the Lambs

Silenece of the Lambs

I'm a huge Anthony Hopkins fan, and this is one of the reasons why. He's an exceptional actor. Hopkin's portrayal as a cannibal is almost a little too believable. Now, some might not realize it, but this film was not the first shot of the series. The first was Man Hunter (1986), which was remade in 2002 as Red Dragon. If you haven't watched this film, be prepared. It wasn't the eating of human flesh which got me, it was the mirror dance-you'll see.

8. Last House on the Left

This is considered one of the best horror films of all-time. Actually, it was revolutionary. Rape, murder, and revenge is just some of this films plethora of psychological disturbances. If you are squeamish, you might want to stay away from this one.

7. A Clockwork Orange

A cult favorite, A Clockwork Orange is both a masterpiece and a downright stomach virus which will haunt you for days. If the torture or rape or revenge doesn't get you, the ending will. Stanley Kubrick only directs the best films.

6. Requiem for a Dream

Life just sucks sometimes and this movie shows just how easily it can take a downward spin. Drugs, prostitution, and everything going wrong rules the day. Some characterize this film as a simple drug film, others as a psychological mind-fuck.

5. The Hills Have Eyes

Another remake and this one, like the other, is excellent. After a nuclear explosion, mutants run rampant. And for whatever reason, these mutants are evil and sex-crazed. Rape is the main psychological disturbance, but the ending along with self-sacrifice play a large role.

4. Saw

Every Halloween throughout the 00s, people have flocked to theaters to witness the gore that is Saw. Now, I'm not one to get too much into seeing blood spewed everywhere, but the other aspects of the film is what I enjoy. A creepy dude kidnaps you unexpectedly after stalking you for an extremely long-time and puts you in a life or death situation--the life usually isn't that great of a choice. It forces you to make your choices along with the characters. Which would you rather have, seven broken ribs, a punctured lung, possibility to never walk again or death?

3. Audition

This is a Japanese film, if you haven't heard of it. It is about a man who lost his wife, but his son prepares an audition for women seeking film roles, unaware that the winner only receives a date with the boys father. The chosen woman, however, isn't what she seems. It turns out, she is actually an extremely dangerous woman who tortures men in gruesome ways.

2. Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom

This is an Italian film which is extremely controversial and banned in many countries still today (released in 1975). Four men, a Duke, Bishop, Magistrate, and the President in the Republic of Salo, kidnap nine women and nine men to torture and humiliate them. Gruesome murders by scalping, branding, tongue and eyes cut out are probably the least gross things done in the film. Eating feces is probably the most, but don't worry, everything in between is done.

1. I Spit On Your Grave

Also known as Day of the Woman, this film was originally banned in many nations (released in 1978), including the United States (released a censored version in 1980) and Canada (not released until 1998 in some provinces, others it is still banned). The uncensored original version, though, is still banned in many, many countries. So why is it banned? The film depicts two graphic gang-rape scenes and gruesome revenge murders carried out by the victim.