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Disappearing Love by Gary R. Hess

I spent a long time getting over this girl, if you haven't noticed from the other poems. I spent a lot of time and money trying to make her happy, calling her, and trying to make plans for each other. Things didn't work out (well, you know, she lied a lot) and I simply couldn't get over it.


Category: Break up

Disappearing Love

What happened to our love?
It used to be so bright
Loving, laughing, caring
Then soon caught the night

You were my one and only love
Cared for you too much

Then something happened
And slept with that man
You deceived me
I never felt so desperate

But I try to forgive you now
And try not to think about before
I love you so much
It just hurts to ponder now

Everything I have
Is because of you
Everything I bought
Was because of you

I just love you so much
I'm scared to lose you

Written April 17, 2004

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