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Murakami Kijo

Murakami Kijo (1865-September 17, 1938) was born as Shotaro Murakami in Edo in 1865. He moved to Takasaki city in 1873. Murakami studied haiku with Masaoka Shiki. He helped publish the first edition of Hotogisu, a famous haiku magazine. He published his collection of work in 1917.

Short Biography

Kijo Murakami studied law as a young man, but became deaf due to an illness and had to give up his studies. In 1894, he worked as a legal scribe in Takasaki. In 1927, he lost his possessions and home due to a fire.

He is often compared to Kobayashi Issa as both their lives were full of hardships and sorrow.

Haiku by Murakami Kijo

  • First autumn morning:
  • the mirror I stare into
  • shows my father's face.
  • The moment two bubbles
  • are united, they both vanish.
  • A lotus blooms.

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