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Funny Quotes From Fairly Odd Parents

Fairly Odd Parents is a great show about a child with something like fairy god parents, but they are fairly odd. The fairies grant a ton of wishes for him and always try to please him. However, generally something goes wrong with his wish and he has to find some other way to fix it. It's the perfect cartoon to show kids "watch out what you wish for".

The following are some funny quotes from Fairly Odd Parents.

The cockroaches continue to show single-mindedness. Whereas Cosmo continues to show empty-mindedness.
Timmy, while working on a science project
It's violent AND educational! But mostly violent. YAY VIOLENCE!
Timmy, while watching television
I'm swimming in my own toilet... AND I LIKE IT!
That thing on your neck, is it your ear?
Norm, to Crocker
I'm Chet Ubowdown, and it's time TO BOW DOWN.

I love the species that throws their own feces.
Cosmo, when the world is being ruled by apes
This could be a whole new adventure for us. Who knows what unique and interesting things monkeys could wish for?
Now honey, I'm sure Timmy's overreacting. Let's just pop in the tape and see how long it takes to catch ourselves in a little white lie.
Timmy's Dad
Hi Chip. I'm Timmy. Having a cruddy day like me?
Not so fast, Jorgen Von Poophead!