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Funny Quotes From Mad TV

Mad TV is a sketch comedy series similar to Saturday Night Live. The show was nominated for 35 Emmys and won 8 of them throughout its run. The series was originally based on the magazine but took on its own life after its initial success. Many of the actors went on to have successful careers on television and movies.

Below you'll find some funny quotes from the series.

He look-a like-a man.
Ms. Swan
How many times has this happened to you?
Spishak Spokesman
Damn, this flight makes more stops than R. Kelly's limo in a preschool parking lot.
Belma Buttons
God bless Southwest Airlines, the ghetto bus of the sky.
Tovah McQueen
My dream is to go swimming in my Halloween costume.
If you don't put the pudding back in the fridge, you are a dumb person.
I learned a secret in school: lmnop isn't one letter, it's like - seven or ten!
Ricky Martin: Ask me how I feel, come on, ask me how I feel.
Security Guard: [imitating Ricky] Okay, how do you feel?
Ricky Martin: I feel crazy, man!
Maybe I can win Texas, but I can't win your love. And Texas doesn't look good naked.
Bob Dole
It was crazy as hell, man! Pandemonium 2004!
Jovan Muskatelle
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From Stuart Larkin
What does mother say?

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