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To Kim by Gary R. Hess

This love poem is about a girl whom I never met. Our acquaintance was short, but it was filled with many things, including puppy love. The relationship ended because, well, she backed out of meeting me. Looking back, I'm glad we didn't meet. Anyway, this is a love poem so I won't let you down too much. Carry on.


Category: Love

To Kim

Your face is of an angel
Sweet and so cute
Your smile brightens my day
And gives me goosebumps through the night

Your eyes are but a rainbow
From the wonderful sparkles
And tender lips
You are so beautiful
And lovely each night

I tend to hold my thoughts about you
Hold them from your heart
They are but arousing and tough to hide

My mind about you is tenderlous
Your body so beautiful and luscious
I wish I were there for you
And holding you each night

Your voice warms me with its words
Grasps me in its syllables and
Touches me with its verbs

Your mind is what matters
Not those other things
Your openness and willingness
Are what makes us be

You're an angel with many fruit
So loving and caring for me
Our hearts melt together
And make one that’s meant to be

I wish you were in my arms
Each and every night
To hold you from our fears
And love each other for eternity

Let us be together forever
And live through the hard times

Written April 21, 2004

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