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Chinese New Year Quotations

The Chinese New Year is the largest celebration in China. However, in China the day is often referred to as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year. The day is a large part of Chinese tradition and has been celebrated for centuries but the day is several millennia old. It is celebrated with red envelopes (which often contain money), gift exchanges, family reunions, and food. The Spring Festival is celebrated for 15 days starting with the first day of the month and ending with the 15th. The last day is celebrated as the Lantern Festival.

Chinese symbols saying 'Happy New Year'
A short quote for Chinese New Year
For most of us, it's a time for us to get together and talk about our past, present and future. The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. It's very much like Christmas or Thanksgiving in the United States.
Feng Niu
Chinese New Year started on Jan. 29. I'm a rabbit, and I think luck is changing for me.
Greg Cronin
I'm sad that a lot of the old Spring Festival traditions have gone out of style. But my generation is creating new ones. Not worse, just different.
Zhao Lele
The spring festival's quite boring for me, because all [of my] friends must be at home with families and nobody [is here to] party with me. So I turn to the Internet.
Zhao Lele
At times of scarcity, Spring Festival for kids was a great occasion to fulfill their simple wish for new clothes and best foods. That is why adults are often nostalgic about their good old times in celebration of the festival.
Song Zhaolin
Aiding the needy has always been a traditional Chinese virtue. The Spring Festival alms program embodies a combination of the virtue and the political ideology of the ruling Communist Party of China.
Lu Xiaowen
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