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Absolute Power (film) Quotes

Absolute Power (film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Absolute Power ended in 1970.

It features Clint Eastwood, and Karen S. Spiegel as producer, Lennie Niehaus in charge of musical score, and Jack N. Green as head of cinematography.

Absolute Power (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Absolute Power (film) is 121 minutes long. Absolute Power (film) is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The cast includes: Clint Eastwood as Luther Whitney, Scott Glenn as Bill Burton, E. G. Marshall as Walter Sullivan, Richard Jenkins as Michael McCarty, Clint Eastwood as Kate Whitney, Dennis Haysbert as Tim Collin, Ed Harris as Seth Frank, Penny Johnson Jerald as Laura Simon, Gene Hackman as Allen Richmond, and Kenneth Welsh as Sandy Lord.

Absolute Power (film) Quotes

Ed Harris as Seth Frank

  • (Ed Harris) "Pacemaker, my ass."
  • (Ed Harris) "You know who did it, don't you?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "So do you. Check your phones."
  • (Medical Examiner) "Looks like he tried to strangle her."
  • (Ed Harris) "He strangled her, then he went to the door to shoot her from behind?"
  • (Medical Examiner) "He also inspected her vagina."
  • (Ed Harris) "He did what ? Why?"
  • (Penny Johnson Jerald) "Maybe he didn't remember that he did her."
  • (Ed Harris) "A strong burglar with a weak mind. Obviously another open-and-shut case."
  • (Ed Harris) "Why does he bother to dig a slug out of the wall when he knows there's already another one stuck in her head?"
  • (Penny Johnson Jerald) "Uh, different from the one in her body?"
  • (Ed Harris) "Two guns means two burglars. They broke in together, they both went out the window? That's bulls***. And by the way, why did he, or they, go out the window in the first place when he, or they, got in by breaking a zillion-dollar security system?"
  • (Ed Harris) "Kate, he's on the run and he's scared. And he's right to be scared, 'cause he's gonna get caught. You don't know the heat on this."

Clint Eastwood as Luther Whitney

  • (Clint Eastwood) "So, do you want my signed confession now, or after coffee?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Father, what have you done?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "For Gloria Russell."
  • (Watergate Doorman) "Do I have to sign anything?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "No, you have an honest face."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Dr. Kevorkian, I presume? My guess is this is right in your carotid artery about now. You're gonna get a little woozy. But if I give you the rest of this, it's gonna fry your brain down to the size of a peanut. Drop that."
  • (Dennis Haysbert) "Luther, he's my president, right or wrong."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Well, he made a mistake. You made a mistake. When you went after my little girl, that was entirely unacceptable."
  • (Dennis Haysbert) "Mercy."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "I'm fresh out."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Daddy?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Go to sleep, darling."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "You heartless whore. I'm not about to run from you."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Remember, tomorrow is promised to no one."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Quit wasting my time. He doesn't want you to find him, you're not gonna find him."
  • (Ed Harris) "You're saying what? He left town, he skipped the country? What?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "I'm saying, you won't recognize him. I'm saying, he could be right around the corner."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "But then you go to the police. That's what innocent people do. They go to the police."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Sure. And that young man who was just here, he'd believe me over the President, wouldn't he?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Well, why should I believe you?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Because I swear to you, Kate. I swear to you on Mattie's grave. Yeah, that's right. Your mother's grave, I'd kill myself before I lied about that."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Oh Jesus, Luther."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Yeah, I know."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Do you know what it's like to be the only kid in the first grade who got to talk about visiting day?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "I've got to go have my pacemaker checked, it has been so exciting talking to you."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "You gotta get with the program if you're gonna catch this guy."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Am I gonna be alright?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Yeah. We're gonna be just fine."
  • (Bartender Red) "Your life could be a whole lot simpler if you could learn to operate a VCR."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Truer words were never spoken."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Do you realize the skill in breaking the security of a security company? I don't know how those guys do it."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Why'd you come?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "I couldn't have my daughter thinking I was a murderer."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "No, I mean why did you come to the restaurant this afternoon? You must have suspected something, or else you wouldn't have been prepared."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "My daughter wanted to see me."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "All right. Calm down. Let's not lose our heads. Everyone remain calm."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "A lot of crap is coming down tonight, sir. If you want to be a player, or not? If you want to know what happened that night, or don't you? Because I was there."
  • (E. G. Marshall) "I want to know."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Do you think you can, stand hearing about it, how he beated her, tried to strangle her, you want to really know about that?"
  • (E. G. Marshall) "I could walk through the fire."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Well, I was in the vault when they came in, they were drunk. He started knocking her around, but she fought back, then he started getting really rough, she tried to defend herself, while he started screaming, like the sniveling SIMP HE IS."
  • (E. G. Marshall) "Who else was in my house?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "The Secret Service, they're the ones who shot her."
  • (E. G. Marshall) "Nonsense."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "And Gloria Russell she handled the cover up."
  • (E. G. Marshall) "STOP THIS."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Don't you want to know who it was?"
  • (E. G. Marshall) "IT WAS YOU."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Oh come on Mr. Sullivan, we're too old to bulls*** each other."
  • (E. G. Marshall) "WHO WAS IT THEN?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "You know?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Don't shake your head at me. When you're alone at night, and your rage takes over and you want to revenge her. What face do you put with your enemy?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Turn that off."
  • (Airport Bartender) "In just a second."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "On second thought, turn it back on."
  • (Airport Bartender) "But you just said --"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Yeah, yeah. I know what I said."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "This person, they -- they go in the front door, then they go out a window and down a rope in the middle of the night?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "If I could do something like that, I'd be the star of my A.A.R.P. meetings."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "When you're alone at night, and your rage takes over and you want an avenger, what face do you put with your enemy?"

E. G. Marshall as Walter Sullivan

  • (E. G. Marshall) "I'd been married to my Rebecca for forty-seven years. When she died, I decided I never wanted that pain again. One thing I knew about Christy, she was going to outlive me."
  • (E. G. Marshall) "Are you taking you're shortcut Tommy?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "I'm your substitute drive tonight, Mr. Sullivan. Oh don't worry about Tommy he's just fine."
  • (E. G. Marshall) "It's very unusual. What do I call you?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Luther, sir."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Are you familiar to get to my townhouse, Luther?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Oh yes, sir I know where all your houses are. I'm the man who robbed you. And you're the man who tried to kill me."
  • (E. G. Marshall) "I'm sorry I've missed. I belive in the Old Testament, sir. There's nothing wrong for an eye for an eye for a terrible deed is been done, The deed such as yours."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Who you've like to believe, wouldn't ya, That'd be simple for you to believe that, What do you think that I have to gain by being here?"
  • (E. G. Marshall) "I have no idea. Are you going to rob me again?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Oh I don't need your money, Mr. Sullivan. Now did you check your vault lately? I put everything back."
  • (E. G. Marshall) "I'm afraid we're a little late for an attempt at leniency."
  • (E. G. Marshall) "For eighty years, I've tried to live -- a decent life. I've given a billion dollars to charity. If this comes to trial -- none of that will be remembered. I'll just go out -- the joke of the world."
  • (Ed Harris) "I understand, sir. I'll do what I can."
  • (E. G. Marshall) "Will you listen to me whine? I apologize, Mr. Frank. Bother me all you want, just do your job. And I'll try to do mine."

Scott Glenn as Bill Burton

  • (Gloria Russell) "He's got the letter opener. Blood. Fingerprints. Jesus -- Think what he can do."
  • (Scott Glenn) "The man's a thief. A thief who witnessed a murder."
  • (Scott Glenn) "Tums?"
  • (Ed Harris) "Got my own."
  • (Scott Glenn) "Miss Russell, I should've called the police that night but I was weak. You convinced me to stay silent. I regret that. Know this: every time I see your face, I wanna rip your throat out."
  • (Gloria Russell) "What do I do?"
  • (Scott Glenn) "Nothing. Because he's making a terrible mistake. He thinks he has time. He doesn't. Seth Frank's too good. He'll bring him in."
  • (Gloria Russell) "Then what?"
  • (Dennis Haysbert) "Then I kill him."

Gene Hackman as Allen Richmond

  • (Gloria Russell) "Allen, did you have sex with her?"
  • (Gene Hackman) "I -- I don't know."
  • (Gloria Russell) "Bill, I need you to examine her."
  • (Scott Glenn) "I'm no gynecologist."
  • (Gloria Russell) "I just made you one."
  • (Scott Glenn) "Oh, Christ --"
  • (Gene Hackman) "What do we know, so far?"
  • (Gloria Russell) "Well, we've checked his license plates. He stole the car from a police impoundment lot."
  • (Gene Hackman) "We're not dealing with a fool here, are we? Has he initiated contact?"
  • (Gloria Russell) "Burton doesn't think he will."
  • (Gene Hackman) "I agree. I apologize for my behavior. It won't happen again. Consider it a blip on the screen. As far as I'm concerned that's all he is, too."
  • (Gloria Russell) "Well, he could be a little more than that, Allen. He saw."
  • (Gene Hackman) "He saw nothing. He saw a drunk woman who liked rough sex too much. He's a burglar. Who's gonna believe him? After all, it's not as if he has any evidence or anything."

Penny Johnson Jerald as Laura Simon

  • (Penny Johnson Jerald) "Who is he?"
  • (Ed Harris) "That's Luther Whitney. One of the great thieves of the world."

Kenneth Welsh as Sandy Lord

  • (Kenneth Welsh) "What a generous gesture."

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