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Alaska (1996 film) Quotes

Alaska (1996 film) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Alaska ended in 1970.

It features Andy Burg as producer, Reg Powell in charge of musical score, and Tony Westman as head of cinematography.

Alaska (1996 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Alaska (1996 film) is 109 min long. Alaska (1996 film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Thora Birch as Jessie Barnes, Vincent Kartheiser as Sean Barnes, Charlton Heston as Perry, Dirk Benedict as Jake Barnes, Gordon Tootoosis as Ben, Duncan Fraser as Koontz, and Ben Cardinal as Charlie.

Alaska (1996 film) Quotes

Thora Birch as Jessie Barnes

  • (Thora Birch) "This is great. Really great."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "I'm gonna freeze to death."
  • (Thora Birch) "So whats the big deal? We'll make a fire."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "Good. I hope you brought the matches."
  • (Thora Birch) "I can't believe you're dumb enough to forget the matches."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "What do you wanna do, Pocahantas? Rub sticks together?"
  • (Thora Birch) "My guess is, he's out shooting the rapids, or wrestling a grizzly bear. You know, just being that Alaskan mountain man we know and love."

Charlton Heston as Perry

  • (Charlton Heston) "These young people, they -- they were brought up on MTV and video games. They know nothing of the real world. They can't conceive of the true brutality of nature."
  • (Charlton Heston) "Lets get rid of this kayak before any unwanted company comes."
  • (Duncan Fraser) "Who the hell is that?"
  • (Charlton Heston) "Unwanted company."
  • (Charlton Heston) "One way or another, if you're persistent, fortune always smiles on you."
  • (Charlton Heston) "Mister Koontz, I don't think you understand me. Let me clear: I'm accustomed to getting what I want. I want that bear."
  • (Charlton Heston) "This isn't hunting. This is business."

Vincent Kartheiser as Sean Barnes

  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "Look. It wasn't my fault."
  • (Gordon Tootoosis) "Son, in Alaska; if it happens to you, it's your fault."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "Dad, you used to fly 747s, and now you deliver toilet paper."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "Are you sure this is how they do it?"
  • (Thora Birch) "It's how they do it on ESPN."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "Maybe you should write him a note. Dear Poachers, this is very bad. I'm telling."

Gordon Tootoosis as Ben

  • (Gordon Tootoosis) "Sean, trust the bear."
  • (Gordon Tootoosis) "When I was a boy, you had to hunt a bear with just a spear, and you took his spirit or died trying."

Dirk Benedict as Jake Barnes

  • (Dirk Benedict) "What's that? It's either a polar bear or the whitest dog I've ever seen."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "It's a dog. Can I keep him?"
  • (Dirk Benedict) "Mayday, mayday. 909Tango is going down. Mayday, mayday, mayday."

Ben Cardinal as Charlie

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Duncan Fraser as Koontz

  • (Duncan Fraser) "Robbed."
  • (Duncan Fraser) "I don't believe this. Is there no place safe anymore?"

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