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An Interview with God Quotes

An Interview with God is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . An Interview with God ended its run in 1970.

It features Ken Aguado as producer.

An Interview with God is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of An Interview with God is 97 minutes long. An Interview with God is distributed by Fathom Events.

An Interview with God Quotes

  • (The Man) "People make choices, and those choices have consequences. And if knowing my will were part of every human decision, how would anything ever happen? Hmm? You'd be paralyzed every mourning decide whether to brush tour teeth vertically or horizontally."
  • (Paul Asher) "The Man: You are about out of time. Paul Asher: Oh I had five more minutes, but I'm happy to forfeit that time to the next prophet. The Man: No, Paul. I mean, you are about out of time"
  • (Paul Asher) "Having faith isn't really worth much if you don't believe. I kept praying, sure. But I stopped looking; or even listening."
  • (The Man) "What could you possibly do that would be beyond my powers to forgive?"
  • (Paul Asher) "So yeah, I see it now. Definitely a sign --"
  • (Paul Asher) "There's a name for people who usually talk to you like this?"
  • (The Man) ""Lucky?""
  • (Paul Asher) "I think I meant the prophets"
  • (The Man) "Oh, sure. Yes, but that's what they're called after I speak to them. Before that, many weren't so happy to see me when I showed up. At least not at first."
  • (Paul Asher) "Why do bad things happen to good people?"
  • (The Man) "That's the one."
  • (Paul Asher) "No, it's not on my list. And frankly, I don't like that question very much."
  • (The Man) "No? Why not?"
  • (Paul Asher) "Because it's not really a question, is it? It's a complaint. What it rally means is: why do bad things happen to me. And the person asking is assuming they're a good person. Which seems arrogant to me."
  • (The Man) "Paul, you think salvation is a burden."
  • (Paul Asher) "Yes."
  • (The Man) "But it's not. It's a gift."
  • (Paul Asher) "Okay, you and I remember my Sunday School education a little differently."
  • (Paul Asher) "Today is June first. Please say you name and spelled it."
  • (The Man) "Into voice recorder: I'm God. G-O-D."
  • (The Man) "Try to see it from My point of view. This isn't an easy process."
  • (Paul Asher) "No, I get it. Knowing all the questions, and all the answers, must make human conversation kinda difficult."
  • (The Man) "Well, no one likes a know-it-all."
  • (Paul Asher) "Right --"
  • (Paul Asher) "No problem you showing up in a photo?"
  • (The Man) "Well, I'm a diety, not a vampire --"
  • (Paul Asher) "I gotta say, you look human enough to me."
  • (The Man) "And you know, you look God-like to me."
  • (The Man) "Paul, I'm not being difficult, but I think you of all people should know why My answers might be confusing. If the nature of God were obvious -- Well, look around, at the world, and you will see that it's not."
  • (Paul Asher) "So -- we struggle here on Earth to know You, but I assume You know all the questions and all the answers?"
  • (The Man) "Of course. Does that make you uncomfortable?"
  • (Paul Asher) "But then You'd know the answer to that question too."
  • (The Man) "Stuff happens, and God says, hey man, don't look at me. No. no. You have to understand that my will, and human free will are not contradictory because they are not two versions of the same thing. But, they do fit perfectly together. I designed it that why."
  • (The Man) "I expect great things."
  • (Paul Asher) "Okay, thanks. But don't get your hopes up. I cover religion for a secular paper, so the stuff I write usually gets buried in the "lifestyle" section."
  • (The Man) "You're just being modest."
  • (Paul Asher) "Horoscopes get better placement."

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