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Azrael (Gotham) Quotes

Azrael (Gotham) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Azrael completed its run in 1970.

It features "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover" by Mitch Miller in charge of musical score.

Each episode of Azrael (Gotham) is 44 minutes long.

Azrael (Gotham) Quotes

  • (Hugo Strange) "That is a demon. He lives in fire. That case will give you everything you need to destroy him."
  • (Hugo Strange) "Not exactly what I had in mind, but good enough. Try opening the chest, my son."
  • (Hugo Strange) "'But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked. 'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat: 'We're all mad here.'"
  • (Hugo Strange) "Oh, yes. Yes, that will do nicely."
  • (Theo Galavan) "Finally. Come to me, and I will show you the way to hell."
  • (James Gordon) "I know the way."
  • (James Gordon) "This is a court order signed by District Attorney Dent to exhume Fries' body. Where is it buried?"
  • (Hugo Strange) "He was cremated."
  • (James Gordon) "Thank you."
  • (Hugo Strange) "For what?"
  • (James Gordon) "I can read tells, too. You're lying. I needed to be sure you were behind all this, and now I am."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Oh, my."
  • (Hugo Strange) "I have it, Peabody. I have the cure for our prize patient."
  • (Ethel Peabody) "Do tell."
  • (Hugo Strange) "What is an identity? What is a sense of self? It is a story that we humans tell ourselves. We have got to give him a great, heroic story."
  • (Ethel Peabody) "We need to give him a good heroic dose of Thorazine, but you're the boss."
  • (Hugo Strange) "Pinewood Farms was started by Thomas Wayne in an attempt to cure humanity's greatest ailments on the genetic level; Old age, disease, even death."
  • (James Gordon) "But that's not what happened, is it? Karen said the program tried to play God, and you ended up creating monsters."
  • (Hugo Strange) "I was just a researcher with no knowledge of that until it was too late."
  • (James Gordon) "A man of your skill and expertise a lowly researcher. Find that hard to believe."
  • (Hugo Strange) "But it's true. Mr. Wayne excelled at compartmentalizing every aspect of his life. Within Pinewood, the left hand often didn't know what the right hand was doing."
  • (Theo Galavan) "Rally to me. Rally to me. St. Dumas will deliver us. Dumas will deliver us. Rally. Heathens. And Dumas will protect us. Heathens, idolaters, Spawn of Satan, prepare to die. No. No. No, don't. Please. Sister? Speak to me, please. Please speak to me. Who are you? Huh? Who are you?"
  • (Ethel Peabody) "Has there been any improvement since he woke up yesterday?"
  • (Hugo Strange) "No. But he's wonderful, isn't he?"
  • (Hugo Strange) "Strong as an ox, fast as a snake."
  • (Ethel Peabody) "Mad as a hatter. There's not much use bringing back the dead if they come back crazy."
  • (Hugo Strange) "Oh, he's not crazy. He just doesn't know who he is."
  • (Hugo Strange) "You've lost everything. You're trying to make up for the sins of your past, and you believe that this case will somehow bring about your own personal redemption."
  • (James Gordon) "No."
  • (Hugo Strange) "You're not doing this for your client. You're doing this for yourself."
  • (James Gordon) "You're wrong."
  • (Hugo Strange) "You just exhibited several tells; facial ticks expressions and eye movements that people involuntarily betray themselves with when they lie."
  • (Edward Nygma) "What is this?"
  • (Norton) "It's a fly swatter."
  • (Edward Nygma) "I can see that it's a fly swatter. I didn't ask for a fly swatter. I asked for the bug zapper in the kitchen."
  • (Norton) "What's the difference?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "The difference is that one has a black light that emits ultraviolet energy and this is leather on a stick."
  • (Norton) "They both kill flies."
  • (Edward Nygma) "I don't need to kill flies. I need you to go back to the kitchen and get the bug zapper."
  • (Butch Gilzean) "Honey, I know you like her, but that woman's mad as a bag of squirrels."
  • (Tabitha Galavan) "She said she's cured."
  • (Butch Gilzean) "That's what an insane person would say."
  • (Barbara Kean) "Do we have any limes?"
  • (James Gordon) "Go to hell, Ed."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Oh, you've already put me there. Here."
  • (Edward Nygma) "But not for long, my friend. I'll find my way out. 'Cause this place is just one big puzzle, and puzzles are my forte. Nobody beats me."
  • (James Gordon) "I did. See you never, Ed."
  • (Edward Nygma) "I can manipulate people. I did it to Gordon once, and I can do it again, 'cause peoples' brains are just a mystery, and once you figure it out. Look. Helzinger?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "Can't stand criticism because of an overbearing mother. Wants love and approval. Gets mad when he doesn't get it, so I give it."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Oh, thank you."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Sharon. Kleptomaniacal due to obsessive-compulsive disorder."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Just give her something to concentrate on."
  • (Edward Nygma) "And -- and Norton. Serious boundary issues. Prone to torture, violence and cannibalism. Unless he thinks he's your friend."
  • (Norton) "For me? Oh."
  • (James Gordon) "There are times when breaking the law is the right thing to do."
  • (Nathaniel Barnes) "And who gets to decide that, you?"
  • (James Gordon) "Yeah. Someone has to."
  • (Nathaniel Barnes) "No, Jim, you're wrong. Look where Gotham's going. Maniacs, perverts, freaks, coming out of every hole. It's like a sea of evil flooding the city. If a man doesn't cling onto the law, he'll lose his bearings, drown."
  • (Theo Galavan) "Order them to stand aside and allow the sinner, James Gordon, to be punished. Do this, and I will spare them all. Decline and they will face my judgment. Their lives now rest in your hands. How many will die? All? Or one? Decide, Captain."
  • (Nathaniel Barnes) "You can go to hell."
  • (Theo Galavan) "I've been there. You go."
  • (Hugo Strange) "I am your father and your lord. And he who has another birth, brought forth from the cold grasp of death shall rise again and serve my Order. I say this, and it becomes. And I will give him the name of --"
  • (Theo Galavan) "Azrael."
  • (Barbara Kean) "Gimlets."
  • (Butch Gilzean) "Actually, bourbon sounds --"
  • (Barbara Kean) "I'm making gimlets."
  • (Butch Gilzean) "Okay, she scares me."
  • (Hugo Strange) "Why are you really here, Mr. Gordon?"
  • (James Gordon) "Excuse me?"
  • (Hugo Strange) "This whole city has turned its back on you, despite you risking your life to save it over and over again."
  • (James Gordon) "I'm not here for a therapy session, Professor."
  • (Hugo Strange) "No. It's more like an interrogation by a man who's no longer a police officer. Who no longer has the right to demand answers. The only reason you're sitting in that chair is because I allow it. So let me ask you, why -- are -- you -- here?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "Everyone has a story, and they just want to be listened to. My God. I should be the shrink."
  • (Hugo Strange) "What did you say?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "I'm sorry. Was that too far?"
  • (Hugo Strange) "Everybody has a story."
  • (James Gordon) "Trust me."
  • (Nathaniel Barnes) "How can I trust you when you're talkin' crazy? How can I trust you when you've lied to me so many times? Monsters?"
  • (James Gordon) "I lied to you because it's hard to tell you the truth. You're stubborn and you're angry, and the GCPD has paid a price for it."
  • (Hugo Strange) "He's Azrael now. A fabled 12th century knight who died for the cause of his feudal Lord, Adam Dumas. This Dumas character was made a saint, performed a lot of miracles and so forth. And one of the miracles was bringing Azrael back to life."
  • (Ethel Peabody) "I still prefer Thorazine."
  • (Hugo Strange) "You need to learn to work with what you have, Ms. Peabody."
  • (Nathaniel Barnes) "So, in a nutshell, Hugo Strange is making monsters out of dead people in his spare time, and he had Karen Jennings killed by Victor Fries, who's been dead for three months."
  • (James Gordon) "I know it sounds far-fetched."
  • (Nathaniel Barnes) "Far-fetched? No. It sounds insane."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Excuse me, Captain. I find your flippant attitude to be inappropriate."
  • (Nathaniel Barnes) "I find you to be kind of a pain in the ass."

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