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Bang Bang You're Dead (film) Quotes

Bang Bang You're Dead (film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Bang Bang You're Dead ended its run in 1970.

It features Norman Stephens William Mastrosimone Deboragh Gabler as producer, Reinhold Heil in charge of musical score, and Robert Aschmann as head of cinematography.

Bang Bang You're Dead (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bang Bang You're Dead (film) is 93 minutes long. Bang Bang You're Dead (film) is distributed by Showtime Networks.

The cast includes: Tom Cavanagh as Val, Ben Foster as Trevor, Garry Chalk as Chief Bud McGee, Jane McGregor as Jenny Dahlquist, and Randy Harrison as Sean.

Bang Bang You're Dead (film) Quotes

Garry Chalk as Chief Bud McGee

  • (Garry Chalk) "Why do you bring a video camera to school?"
  • (Ben Foster) "The same reason you bring a gun to work. To shoot people."

Randy Harrison as Sean

  • (Randy Harrison) "Are you messing with Trevor again? Next time you get launched."
  • (Brad Lynch) "I want to see how bad you talk when you're alone, headcase."
  • (Randy Harrison) "Just because we don't have numbers on our backs, doesn't mean we don't play hard."
  • (Brad Lynch) "Why wait?"
  • (Randy Harrison) "I'm in so much trouble."
  • (Ben Foster) "I'm in trouble with you."

Ben Foster as Trevor

  • (Ben Foster) "My highs compared to my lows are like, one in a million- eh, not really, I mean, that's in exaggeration -- you know, like one in five hundred."
  • (Ben Foster) "Ammonium nitrate."
  • (Brad Lynch) "What?"
  • (Ben Foster) "Kerosene. Fuse. Match. Boom."
  • (Brad Lynch) "I'm real scared, trashcan."
  • (Cheerleader #1) "We're rehearsing the pep rally."
  • (Ben Foster) "Really? That's neat."
  • (Ben Foster) "Do you even know anything about me?"
  • (Jane McGregor) "Well kids say some stuff."
  • (Ben Foster) "What stuff?"
  • (Jane McGregor) "Some crazy stuff about you threating to blow up the football team."
  • (Ben Foster) "It's true."
  • (Jane McGregor) "How'd you get to that place?"
  • (Ben Foster) "You ever been low?"
  • (Jane McGregor) "You mean like depressed?"
  • (Jane McGregor) "Well I mean sometimes, but I've never though about blowing up the football team."
  • (Ben Foster) "Jenny, I don't mean depressed like your dog died. I mean where you feel like you've got nothing to lose where you don't, you don't care if you live or die. That kinda of depressed. You ever been there?"
  • (Jane McGregor) "No."
  • (Ben Foster) "Okay, Well I have."
  • (Ben Foster) "Can you get everybody out of here?"
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "What are you talking about? --"
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "What are you talking about, Trevor?"
  • (Ben Foster) "Guns. Trogs with Guns."
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "Are they? --"
  • (Ben Foster) "Sometimes hate can be the only real thing -- you can stop loving someone but hate can last on forever."
  • (Ben Foster) "Put the guns down and listen to me."
  • (Ben Foster) "Sometimes I hate living, but i'm too afraid to die."

Tom Cavanagh as Val

  • (Tom Cavanagh) "It made perfect sense to you last year when you made the bomb threat."
  • (Ben Foster) "I don't know what you mean."
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "You know exactly what I mean. You made the bomb threat, endangered lots of kids lives, you took the first step toward killing."
  • (Ben Foster) "Did anyone die?"
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "That's beside the point."
  • (Ben Foster) "What's the point"
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "The point is you took that step."
  • (Ben Foster) "The bomb was empty."
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "And perfectly made."
  • (Ben Foster) "Totally harmless."
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "But most people don't take that step. You did. Now who's to say you won't take the next step?"
  • (Ben Foster) "It went no further."
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "Josh did. Josh did. Why? Why, Trevor? What do you have that Josh doesn't have? What do you have that Josh doesn't have, Trevor? Fear of punishment, conscience, God, perhaps, Ten Commandments, too chicken. Whatever it is. Let's call it X. Now, tell me, Trevor, what would happen if I were to reach right into your soul and remove X?"
  • (Ben Foster) "I'd be Josh."
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "Yeah. You'd be Josh."
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "This play is the best way to know how to look into a kid's heart."
  • (Tom Cavanagh) "Trevor. Just because I cast you as a bad guy doesn't mean you have to play the part."

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