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Black Day Blue Night Quotes

Black Day Blue Night is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Black Day Blue Night ended in 1970.

It features Carol Kottenbrook as producer.

Black Day Blue Night is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Black Day Blue Night is 93 min long.

The cast includes: Jack Leal as Trooper #1, J. T. Walsh as Lt. John Quinn, Thomas Redhouse as Navajo Man, Michelle Forbes as Rinda Woolley, Tim Guinee as Bo Schrag, and Mia Sara as Hallie Schrag.

Black Day Blue Night Quotes

J. T. Walsh as Lt. John Quinn

  • (J. T. Walsh) "What were you doing in Utah?"
  • (Michelle Forbes) "Leavin' it."
  • (J. T. Walsh) "You know, you should have been a policeman."
  • (Thomas Redhouse) "s*** job."

Tim Guinee as Bo Schrag

  • (Tim Guinee) "Halie, what are you doing here?"
  • (Mia Sara) "I'm -- gonna kill you, Bo."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "Who the f*** is that?"
  • (Tim Guinee) "How'ed you get here Hal?"
  • (Mia Sara) "Oh, how does it matter how I got here? I'm here."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "How the f*** is that?"
  • (Tim Guinee) "That's -- that's -- my wife --"
  • (Michelle Forbes) "You what?"
  • (Mia Sara) "His WIFE."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "You f***. You said you weren't married."
  • (Mia Sara) "How could you do this to me?"
  • (Tim Guinee) "She doesn't matter to me at all -- the hell it wasn't even my idea -- I -- I was drinking -- ummm -- umm ya know she kinda looks like you kinda -- don'tcha think? Ya know -- I woke up she had my pants down."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "You lying piece of s***, you came onto me the first time we met, we've been fooling around ever since and you know it."
  • (Tim Guinee) "BULLs***. BULLs***. That is NOT true Hal."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "The f*** it isn't. Every god**** day except weekends when you had to go back and fu-. Oh, ha ha ha, go back and visit your sick sister."
  • (Tim Guinee) "Hal. Jesus Hal. Stuttering D-don't do anything you're gonna be sorry for Hal."
  • (Mia Sara) "Bo? What are you thinking?"
  • (Tim Guinee) "What?"
  • (Mia Sara) "What could you possibly be thinking that your dick's still hard? What are you thinking about sticking it back in her?"
  • (Tim Guinee) "Oh."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "Not anymore he's not. f***."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "Hey look, I really didn't know he was married OK?"
  • (Mia Sara) "What should I do with him?"
  • (Michelle Forbes) "Shoot him, for God's sakes."

Jack Leal as Trooper #1

  • (Jack Leal) "To hit that cow over there they must have road over it a couple of times. They're both dead. One male, one female. s***, there must be a million dollars scattered out here. You think it's them?"

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