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Cluny Brown Quotes

Cluny Brown is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Cluny Brown stopped airing in 1970.

It features Ernst Lubitsch as producer, Cyril J. Mockridge in charge of musical score, and Joseph LaShelle as head of cinematography.

Cluny Brown is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Cluny Brown is 100 minutes long. Cluny Brown is distributed by Twentieth Century Fox.

The cast includes: Reginald Gardiner as Hilary Ames, Charles Boyer as Adam Belinski, Reginald Owen as Sir Henry Carmel, Jennifer Jones as Cluny Brown, Peter Lawford as Andrew Carmel, Richard Haydn as Jonathan Wilson, and Ernest Cossart as Syrette.

Cluny Brown Quotes

Peter Lawford as Andrew Carmel

  • (Peter Lawford) "I intend to write another letter to the Times."
  • (Charles Boyer) "Good."
  • (Peter Lawford) "No -- No, I'll join the R.A.F."
  • (Charles Boyer) "Better -- join the R.A.F, and rise above the Times."

Richard Haydn as Jonathan Wilson

  • (Richard Haydn) "It may interest you to know that after the use of my nasal bath the Marquis Rockamere, a distinguished speaker, was for the first time clearly understood when he addressed the House of Lords last week."

Jennifer Jones as Cluny Brown

  • (Jennifer Jones) "You must never become a victim of my circumstances, and, if you should ever seem romantic to me; don't hesitate. Just kick me."
  • (Charles Boyer) "Yes, let's kick each other."

Reginald Owen as Sir Henry Carmel

  • (Reginald Owen) "So many of these foreigners have foreign names."
  • (Reginald Owen) "Well, she needn't have dropped the platter and insulted my friend. What was it she said to you?"
  • (Ernest Cossart) "I remember very well, sir. It was, if I may take the liberty of repeating it, 'Nuts to the squirrels.'"
  • (Reginald Owen) "Doesn't make sense."
  • (Charles Boyer) "No, it doesn't. It should be 'Squirrels to the nuts.' But I have an open mind, and if someone says to me 'Nuts to the squirrels,' I accept it. You may be inclined to say that to me yourself some day, when you know me better; and I'm not so sure that you will include the 'squirrels.'"
  • (Reginald Owen) "That's much too deep for me."

Charles Boyer as Adam Belinski

  • (Charles Boyer) "You see she is not dressed for plumbing -- but what woman is ?"
  • (Charles Boyer) "In Hyde Park, some people like to feed nuts to the squirrels. But if it makes you happy to feed squirrels to the nuts, who am I to say nuts to the squirrels?"
  • (Charles Boyer) "But I know Hitler."
  • (Reginald Owen) "He has written a book, hasn't he?"
  • (Charles Boyer) "Yes."
  • (Reginald Owen) "Big success?"
  • (Charles Boyer) "Very big."
  • (Reginald Owen) "So what more does he want? Why doesn't he lie down and keep quiet?"
  • (Charles Boyer) "If you really want to know, Sir Henry, read the book."
  • (Reginald Owen) "It's an outdoor book. What is it called? Oh yes, "Mein Camp"."
  • (Charles Boyer) "You couldn't have prescribed a better sedative than yourself."
  • (Richard Haydn) "Thank you Sir."
  • (Charles Boyer) "Not at all."
  • (Charles Boyer) "I would build you the most beautiful mansion, with the most exquisite and complicated plumbing, I would hand you a hammer, and say "Ladies and Gentlemen, Madame Cluny Belinski is about to put the pipes in their place"."

Reginald Gardiner as Hilary Ames

  • (Reginald Gardiner) "Relieve the drain, relieve the strain."

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