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Communion (1989 film) Quotes

Communion (1989 film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Communion ended in 1970.

It features Philippe Mora as producer, Eric Clapton in charge of musical score, and Louis Irving as head of cinematography.

Communion (1989 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Communion (1989 film) is 105 min. long. Communion (1989 film) is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Christopher Walken as Whitley, Christopher Walken as Whitley Strieber, Lindsay Crouse as Anne Strieber, Andreas Katsulas as Alex, and Joel Carlson as Andrew Strieber.

Communion (1989 film) Quotes

Lindsay Crouse as Anne Strieber

  • (Lindsay Crouse) "Where are you going?"
  • (Lindsay Crouse) "I'm going out for some cigarettes."
  • (Lindsay Crouse) "You don't smoke."
  • (Lindsay Crouse) "There are many faces of God, Masks of God. It scared me, because you went so far away from me. They gave you a gift. You'd better use it."
  • (Lindsay Crouse) "You were frightened by a Halloween Mask?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "Yes."
  • (Lindsay Crouse) "A Halloween Mask frightened you?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "Is there an echo? Yes."
  • (Lindsay Crouse) "You know, you used to be funny."

Christopher Walken as Whitley Strieber

  • (Christopher Walken) "What do I call a book about you?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "I don't want to be crazy."
  • (Christopher Walken) "There are wolves in the closet, wolves in the basement, wolves all over the place. They work in advertising. They sell junk food and beer. They eat gigantic hamburgers and they drink cold beers with the baseball games and the TV and the bags of the potato chips that are big enough to feed a horse. They have a lot of fun. They go to baseball games, they have a heck of a good time."
  • (Christopher Walken) "It's been an Ice Age. I've missed you. The old Ball and Chain."
  • (Christopher Walken) "The world is getting so small, it would be nice to meet someone new."
  • (Christopher Walken) "The world is blowing up. My son is dead."
  • (Christopher Walken) "I overreacted."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Can we talk this over? It looks like you're going to sing White Christmas --"
  • (Christopher Walken) "Am I not gorgeous?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "Is that someone there?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "You are not going to let us see you. That's a good idea."
  • (Christopher Walken) "I am you. And you are me. And we are here. I am the dreamer and you are the dream."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Crack the whip. Drive the slaves off to another cocktail party. Make them babble about Glasnost, I've lost another day here."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Then there's the other thing. The rectal thing."
  • (Unnamed) "Well it happens, you know? Even to men."

Joel Carlson as Andrew Strieber

  • (Joel Carlson) "So we're all alone except for the little blue doctors? Can I dream Dad's dream?"

Andreas Katsulas as Alex

  • (Andreas Katsulas) "Take us HOME Whitley."

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