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Death and All His Friends (Grey's Anatomy) Quotes

Death and All His Friends (Grey's Anatomy) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Death and All His Friends stopped airing in 1970.

Death and All His Friends (Grey's Anatomy) Quotes

  • (Dr. Alex Karev) "Izzie?"
  • (Dr. Lexie Grey) "Alex, it's Lexie."
  • (Dr. Alex Karev) "Izz? I'm sorry. Don't go. We got married -- Please don't go."
  • (Dr. Lexie Grey) "I'm not going anywhere."
  • (Dr. Alex Karev) "You came back for me, Izz."
  • (Dr. Lexie Grey) "I came back."
  • (Dr. Alex Karev) "Don't ever leave me. Don't ever leave me again."
  • (Dr. Lexie Grey) "I won't. I won't ever leave you. We're always gonna be together, okay? Always."
  • (Dr. Derek Shepherd) "The human life is made up of choices. Yes or no? In or out? Up or down? And then there are the choices that matter: to love or hate, to be a hero or to be a coward, to fight or to give in, to live or die -- Live or die? That's the important choice, and it's not always in our hands."
  • (Dr. Charles Percy) "I don't hurt anymore. The pain's gone. That's a bad sign, isn't it?"
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "Yes."
  • (Dr. Charles Percy) "Can you do something for me? Can you find Reed? When this is over, can you find her? I always -- I always had a crush on her. I don't think she knows."
  • (Mary Portman) "She knows. Girls always know."
  • (Dr. Charles Percy) "Yeah?"
  • (Mary Portman) "Yeah."
  • (Dr. Charles Percy) "But can you tell her anyway? Can you find her and tell her I loved her. I loved her so much."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "Okay."
  • (Dr. Charles Percy) "And -- you tell her, you tell her I was a catch. You tell her I was a hot hot catch and she missed out on a great guy."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "All right."
  • (Dr. Charles Percy) "And you tell her I was brave even if turn coward and start crying and asking for my mom in a minute. You lie to her and tell her I died brave, okay?"
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "You are very brave, Charles. Okay, I'm the coward. I'm the one that told that man I was a nurse."
  • (Dr. Charles Percy) "You're so smart. You were smart, I wish I was that smart. Tell her I loved her, you won't forget?"
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "I won't forget."
  • (Dr. Charles Percy) "I know you don't like me."
  • (Dr. Miranda Bailey) "I like you."
  • (Dr. Charles Percy) "No, you don't. You were always my favorite doctor. I thought you should know --"
  • (Dr. Lexie Grey) "Oh, Mr. Clark --"
  • (Gary Clark) "I didn't plan to shoot all those people."
  • (Dr. Lexie Grey) "O-Of course, you didn't -- No, you were -- sad, you -- you were grieving."
  • (Gary Clark) "I only planned to shoot Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Webber -- and you."
  • (Gary Clark) "You unplugged the machines. Your hands killed my Alison."
  • (Dr. Derek Shepherd) "Yes or no? In or out? Up or down? Live or die? Hero or coward? Fight or give in? I'll say it again, to make sure you hear me: a human life is made up of choices. Live or die? That's the important choice -- and it's not always in our hands."
  • (Dr. Derek Shepherd) "I'm not gonna die. I promise."
  • (Dr. Meredith Grey) "Good, because that would be the worst break-up ever."
  • (Dr. April Kepner) "My name is April Kepner, I'm 28 years old. I was born on April 23rd, i-in Ohio. I'm from Columbus, Ohio. M-My mom's a teacher and my d-dad is farmer -- C-Corn. Corn, he -- he grows corn. Their names are Karen and Joe. I have three sisters. Libby's the oldest, I'm next and then th-there's Kimmie and Alice. I -- I haven't done anything yet. I haven't -- I've barely lived. I'm not finished yet. No one's loved me yet. P -- Please, please, I'm so -- someone's child. I'm a person. I'm a person."
  • (Gary Clark) "Run."
  • (Gary Clark) "You sure you don't want a drink?"
  • (Dr. Richard Webber) "Vodka, it's nice."
  • (Gary Clark) "Hey."
  • (Dr. Richard Webber) "What's it gonna be, Mr. Clark -- me or you? You shoot me, SWAT's gonna get you. And they're not gonna shoot you, they're gonna capture you and they're gonna take you to prison. Now you shoot yourself, then you're free, done, maybe get to see your wife again. So you have a choice to make: me or you? A life in prison, or an afterlife with your wife."
  • (Gary Clark) "S-screw you."
  • (Dr. Richard Webber) "See, I've lived. I mean, I've really, really lived. I've failed. I-I've been devastated. I've been broken. I've gone to hell and back -- and I've also known joy and passion and I've had a great love. See, death for me is not justice; it's the end of a beautiful journey, and I'm not afraid to die. The question is, are you? A life in prison, or an afterlife with your wife -- me or you? Your choice."
  • (Ruby) "I want my mommy. I want my mommy."
  • (Dr. Callie Torres) "It's all right. I know. I know you do and she's gonna be back soon, but you know what, until she gets here, you have the best doctor in the whole world with you right now."
  • (Dr. Callie Torres) "Yeah, Dr. Robbins is the best doctor in this entire hospital. I- I think in the whole world. Yeah, people feel so much better after she helps them, sometimes people feel better just after she walks in the room. 'Cause she has got this super magic smile."
  • (Dr. Callie Torres) "Yeah, and when she smiles at you,"
  • (Dr. Callie Torres) "everything gets better. And you don't know it 'cause you have your back to her right now but she is giving you -- Wow, she is giving you her best super magic smile. Isn't that right, Dr. Robbins."
  • (Dr. Arizona Robbins) "Right. I am, Ruby. I am."

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