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Dishonored Lady Quotes

Dishonored Lady is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Dishonored Lady ended in 1970.

It features Jack Chertok; Hunt Stromberg as producer, Carmen Dragon in charge of musical score, and Lucien N. Andriot as head of cinematography.

Dishonored Lady is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dishonored Lady is 85 minutes long. Dishonored Lady is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Paul Cavanagh as Victor Kranish, Hedy Lamarr as Madeleine Damien, William Lundigan as Jack Garet, John Loder as Felix Courtland, and Natalie Schafer as Ethel Royce.

Dishonored Lady Quotes

William Lundigan as Jack Garet

  • (William Lundigan) "I don't believe a minute of it. Do you?"
  • (John Loder) "Garet, you're a very cynical man. You don't believe in true love."
  • (William Lundigan) "You don't think Madeline does, too, do you?"
  • (John Loder) "I don't know, but I've always been facinated by miracles."
  • (William Lundigan) "Why do you have to go back to that bore Freddie, you haven't even given me a chance to make love to you."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "You're doing alright."
  • (William Lundigan) "You know its awfully hard making love to a woman who makes more money than me."
  • (William Lundigan) "Beautiful would you mind popping out for a minute?"
  • (Natalie Schafer) "That's just 60 seconds, you better talk fast."

Hedy Lamarr as Madeleine Damien

  • (Unnamed) "You're a very lovely girl."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "You're not being very scientific Doctor."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "That's the very heart of science, the truth."
  • (Unnamed) "Lets talk about insulin."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "You're not helping me, you're insulting me."
  • (Unnamed) "You've been insulting yourself Miss Damian."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "Why do you always hound me? You know I despite you and everything you stand for."
  • (John Loder) "There's always a chance I may be able to improve your opinion, and your manners."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "My father was very much in love with life."
  • (John Loder) "That's a Hungarian custom isn't it."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "I'm in love; now laugh if you want."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "I didn't hire you to gossip about my personal life."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "And desperate eyes, full of shadows."
  • (Unnamed) "Insomnia does that."
  • (Unnamed) "Say, women are supposed to scream, are you afraid of mice?"
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "No but next time I'll scream."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "As a blackmailer, you are pitiful."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "You really are a rat aren't you."
  • (Unnamed) "I always drink, particularly when I'm with you."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "Am I that hard to take sober?"
  • (Unnamed) "You're a voluptuous pain in the neck."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "The whole truth about the human soul is a complicated proposition."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "You speak Russian?"
  • (Unnamed) "Over a bottle of vodka everybody speaks Russian."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "I was doing it my own way, playing by my own rules and nobody was hurt."
  • (Unnamed) "Nobody but yourself."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "I wasn't very polite, was I."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "Men prefer to keep their illusions, don't they."

John Loder as Felix Courtland

  • (John Loder) "You know you need relaxing, lots of relaxing, I can hear your nerves snapping like rubber bands."
  • (John Loder) "As a matter of fact you don't look like an art editor, more like a work of art."
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "Mr Coulthard, I think you're a very dangerous man."
  • (Unnamed) "She's been living in an area of infection and she's removed herself from it."
  • (John Loder) "I take it you consider me part of the contamination."
  • (Unnamed) "You've come here for information, not diagnosis. I sually charge people for insulting them."

Paul Cavanagh as Victor Kranish

  • (Paul Cavanagh) "Let's face it, she's a changed woman."
  • (Natalie Schafer) "She'll never change, she just got herself a new set of words, that's all."
  • (Paul Cavanagh) "How's the insomnia?"
  • (Hedy Lamarr) "Oh, I found some new sleeping pills. Red ones this time."
  • (Paul Cavanagh) "Madeleine you're a bundle of lies, a lovely bundle of lies, beautifully bound together."
  • (Paul Cavanagh) "Mr Garet believes that the world owes him a gay life. No matter who pays for it."

Natalie Schafer as Ethel Royce

  • (Unnamed) "Beautiful would you mind popping out for a minute?"
  • (Natalie Schafer) "That's just 60 seconds, you better talk fast."

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