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Dummy (2002 film) Quotes

Dummy (2002 film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Dummy ended its run in 1970.

It features Bob Fagen, and Richard Temtchine as producer, Paul Wallfisch in charge of musical score, and Horacio Marquinez as head of cinematography.

Dummy (2002 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dummy (2002 film) is 92 minutes long. Dummy (2002 film) is distributed by Artisan Entertainment.

The cast includes: Illeana Douglas as Heidi, Jessica Walter as Fern, Milla Jovovich as Fannie, Adrien Brody as Steven, Ron Leibman as Lou, Vera Farmiga as Lorena, and Mirabella Pisani as Bonnie.

Dummy (2002 film) Quotes

Milla Jovovich as Fannie

  • (Milla Jovovich) "D'you know our high school reunion's comin' up? Ten years -- D'you know how depressing that is? D'you think I don't wanna slash my f***ing wrists when I think about that? god**** it."
  • (Milla Jovovich) "You can f*** me if I'm wrong."
  • (Adrien Brody) "No, That's okay."
  • (Milla Jovovich) "I bought a gift for you."
  • (Adrien Brody) "Oh, no."
  • (Milla Jovovich) "Actually, I lifted it from Borders. But it's perfect for your date. It's classical music."
  • (Adrien Brody) "Oh, thanks."
  • (Milla Jovovich) "Yeah, when you get Lorena alone, put this on. Classical music makes women horny. Just trust me on this one."
  • (Adrien Brody) "Thanks. "Best of John Philip Sousa"."
  • (Milla Jovovich) "Yeah. Chicks dig it."
  • (Milla Jovovich) "Steven, you drive like my f***ing grandma. Wait -- that's actually an insult because my grandma drives better than you do."
  • (Milla Jovovich) "f***ing suburbanized s***."

Adrien Brody as Steven

  • (Adrien Brody) "I've been in love with you ever since I sat on my glasses."
  • (Adrien Brody) "I look both ways when I cross the street."
  • (Adrien Brody) "What about the little girl?"
  • (Milla Jovovich) "Look, don't worry, alright. Worst case scenario it's her kid, alright, at least you know she puts out."

Illeana Douglas as Heidi

  • (Illeana Douglas) "Why are you apologizing to her? She's an unwed mother."
  • (Jessica Walter) "Well, better an unwed mother than just plain unwed."
  • (Illeana Douglas) "I wanted to sing. And you made me feel like a fool."
  • (Jessica Walter) "Honey, it's not my fault if you felt like a fool. I always supported you. I only wanted you to be more realistic."
  • (Illeana Douglas) "Steven?"
  • (Illeana Douglas) "-- Gross. You look like a child molester."
  • (Illeana Douglas) "Because every klezmer band in town is booked and I desperately need a band. But if I hire you, you have to be willing to "hora". Is that a problem?"
  • (Milla Jovovich) "Oh man, at this point I'd f*** anyone."

Ron Leibman as Lou

  • (Ron Leibman) "You sniffin' my airplane glue, too?"
  • (Ron Leibman) "You're grounded."

Jessica Walter as Fern

  • (Jessica Walter) "You know Lou, when you have kids to raise, you yell."

Mirabella Pisani as Bonnie

  • (Mirabella Pisani) "He would be a great brother."
  • (Vera Farmiga) "Who? Steven?"
  • (Mirabella Pisani) "No, the dummy."

Vera Farmiga as Lorena

  • (Vera Farmiga) "I have a daughter Steven, you have a dummy."

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