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Gas (Bottom) Quotes

Gas (Bottom) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Gas completed its run in 1970.

It features Ed Bye as producer.

Gas (Bottom) Quotes

  • (Richie) "You must. You must. You must drink our tea. It's the best tea in London. Sit down and drink it for the next 12 minutes."
  • (Gasman) "Erm alright then. If you wouldn't mind."
  • (Richie) "Nice trousers. They remind me a story. Lasts about 10 minutes. Once there was a forest -- and in the forest, lived some trousers -- called Dave."
  • (Gasman) "Hello, I'm from the gas board."
  • (Mr. Rottweiller) "Look dont make me angry, Something very special has happened to me, Im in love, Its the real thing, so I don't want you two jerks coming round messing things up, Do you UNDERSTAND., If I either see you again TONIGHT., ILL KILL YOU.."
  • (Mr. Rottweiller) "Look dont make me angry, somthing special has happened to me, Im in love, Its the real thing, so i dont want you two jerks coming round messing things up, Do you understand?, If i either see you again tonight, Ill kill you.."
  • (Eddie) ""No problem with the meter in this flat, don't check for another three-hundred years. Nice people, especially the bloke with the glasses who wasn't holding a frying pan. Nice atmos altogether, really.""
  • (Richie) "Alright Dickens, get on with it."
  • (Eddie) ""Left in high spirits to indulge in my hobby of bus surfing.""
  • (Richie) "Hello, Mr Gasman."
  • (Richie) "You're not going anywhere, mate."
  • (Richie) "Mate? Mate? Eddie, you've killed him."
  • (Eddie) "I never touched him."
  • (Richie) "Yeah, but the frying pan did and you were touching that at the time."
  • (Eddie) "Bollocks. You killed him. He was dead before he hit the ground."
  • (Richie) "Then why did you keep hitting him with the frying pan?"
  • (Eddie) "For fun."
  • (Richie) "Oh God. What are we gonna do?"
  • (Eddie) "About twenty-five years I think."
  • (Richie) "No, no, rubbish, he fell over on his way to the door."
  • (Eddie) "Yes,"
  • (Eddie) "And bashed himself repeatedly over the head with a frying pan."
  • (Richie) "You're right. We're done for."
  • (Mr. Rottweiler) "Look. My kitchen's on fire."
  • (Gasman) "My god, no wonder your gas bill's so high. How did this happen?"
  • (Mr. Rottweiler) "You tell me, face-ache, you're the bleeding expert."
  • (Gasman) "Well, where are the other two?"
  • (Mr. Rottweiler) "What other two?"
  • (Gasman) "The two loonies from next door, they were here a moment ago."
  • (Mr. Rottweiler) "Here, in my flat?"
  • (Gasman) "Aye, large as life."
  • (Richie) "Evening Mr. Rottweiler."
  • (Mr. Rottweiller) "What is it?"
  • (Richie) "Just a friendly visit. May we come in?"
  • (Mr. Rottweiller) "Bugger off, I've got a bird upstairs."
  • (Richie) "But we've brought you round -- half a bottle of sherry."
  • (Eddie) "Hic."
  • (Mr. Rottweiller) "Ta very much. Anything else?"
  • (Lolly) "Who is it darling?"
  • (Mr. Rottweiller) "It's them bastards from next door. I won't be a tick."
  • (Eddie) "Have you got a real woman in there?"
  • (Richie) "Cor. Can we have a look?"
  • (Mr. Rottweiller) "Sod off."
  • (Richie) "Oh no, go on, go on, just a peek."
  • (Eddie) "Do you mind if I get my camera?"
  • (Mr. Rottweiller) "Look, don't make me angry. Something very special's happened to me. I'm in love., It's the real thing., So I don't want you two jerks coming round messing things up, d'you understand? If I see either of you again tonight, I'll kill ya."
  • (Eddie) "Here we are"
  • (Eddie) ". Three cups of -- steaming cold tea. Better drink it before it gets warm."
  • (Richie) "This is the best tea in London."
  • (Richie) "Are you not going to drink any of yours Eddie?"
  • (Eddie) "No, I'm watching you enjoying yours."
  • (Richie) "But I drank mine, do your fair share, you bastard."

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