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Generation Kill (miniseries) Quotes

Generation Kill is a War film miniseries that first aired in 2008 on HBO. Generation Kill ended in 2008.

Generation Kill was on for 7 episodes. It features Andrea Calderwood as producer, and Ivan Strasburg as head of cinematography.

Generation Kill is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Generation Kill is 470 minutes long. Generation Kill is produced by Company Pictures.

Generation Kill Quotes

  • (Cpt. Bryan Patterson) "It's important to remember that they'll never take a recon marine alive --"
  • (Gunnery Sgt. Rich Barrett) "Oorah, sir."
  • (Sgt. Larry Shawn 'Pappy' Patrick) "Damn. I'd eat a mile of her s*** just to see where it came from --"
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "Careful with the Rip Fuel."
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "f***, man. I'm on thirty hours no sleep. Beat the record I made in high school when I was on the debate team."
  • (Evan 'Scribe' Wright) "Wait a minute, you were on the debate team?"
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "Whats the channel for the 119s?"
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "64 and tad 7."
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "Yeah, I was really really f***ing good, but all the other guys on the team thought I was high all of the time."
  • (Sgt. Antonio Espera) "It makes my heart heavy to see the white race stoop as low as James' mother has. At least if she was Mexican she'd be ashamed of herself."
  • (Sgt. Maj. John Sixta) "Marines, around this world, would gives they left nuts, to be where you are."
  • (Cpt. Dave 'Captain America' McGraw) "Shoot that f***ing dog."
  • (Sgt. Eric Kocher) "Darnold, give it a piece of your jerky."
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "When my band opened up for Limp Bizkit in Kansas City, we f***in' sucked. But then again, so did they. The only difference is that they became famous, and I became a Marine."
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "Damn, Brad, what else you got hidden in the humvee; a fat chick?"
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "god**** Baptista. How the f*** would he like it if I joined the Brazilian Marines and only spoke English?"
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "What did you like give him some Rolling Stone drugs or something?"
  • (Evan 'Scribe' Wright) "I don't know."
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "What the f*** did you do to him?"
  • (Evan 'Scribe' Wright) "Just asked him what he would be if he wasn't a Marine."
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "Oh my god, he wants to be a ballerina? That's my f***ing dream."
  • (Sgt. Maj. John Sixta) "You mockin' the groomin' standard, Stafford?"
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "You know, it doesn't make you gay if you think Rudy's hot. We all think he's hot."
  • (Cpl. Gabe Garza) "Semper Gumbi- always flexible."
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "You know, Poke, guys in black pyjamas did alreight in Vietnam, too. You gotta respect the pyjama."
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "Daddy's back."
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "Hey buddy. It's 10 in the morning. Don't you think you oughta change out of your pyjamas?"
  • (Navy Hm2 Robert Timothy 'Doc' Bryan) "PFC f***nuts. This is an enemy encampment."
  • (Cpl. Jeffrey 'Dirty Earl' Carisalez) "To think I believed the judge when he told me the Marine Corps was a superior alternative to jail. I should have shut up and done my time."
  • (Cpt. Bryan Patterson) "Interrogative. Did you find any non-specific destroyed Iraqi armor?"
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "The point, Lance Corporal: we're supposed to be a recon unit of pure warrior spirit. We're out here, 40 klicks in enemy lines, and this man of God here, he's a f***in' POG. In fact, he's an officer POG. That's one more layer of bureaucracy and unnecessary logistics, one more asshole we need to supply MREs and baby wipes for. And worst of all, worst of all, the motherf***er doesn't even carry a weapon. When push comes to shove even Rolling Stone picks up a gun but this f***in' shill of God, he can't cover a sector, he'll never hump ammo or Claymores. This is a f***in' war and we're here as warriors, so on top of everything else that's expected of us do we really need to drag him along and indulge in this make-believe bulls***?"
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "Oh, no. Now not only do we have to worry about all the Charms you've eaten, but now Brad's just pissed off God."
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "Ray? Can I have one final moment enjoying the fruits of civilisation?"
  • (Lt. Nathaniel Fick) "Write this as you see it. I'm not here to stop you."
  • (Cpt. Craig 'Encino Man' Schwetje) "Doc?"
  • (Navy Hm2 Robert Timothy 'Doc' Bryan) "I'm all squared away, sir."
  • (Cpt. Craig 'Encino Man' Schwetje) "Doc, I know the guys look up to you. I'd like to hear what you have to say."
  • (Navy Hm2 Robert Timothy 'Doc' Bryan) "You're asking me to be frank, sir?"
  • (Cpt. Craig 'Encino Man' Schwetje) "Yes."
  • (Navy Hm2 Robert Timothy 'Doc' Bryan) "You're incompetent, sir."
  • (Cpt. Craig 'Encino Man' Schwetje) "-- I'm doing my best."
  • (Cpt. Dave 'Captain America' McGraw) "Godspeed. God-f***ing-speed you."
  • (Sgt. Eric Kocher) "f***ing Captain America --"
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "This is really interesting, Brad. You know, Iraqis don't really seem good at fighting, but then they never really completely surrender either."
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "Put down that f***ing milkshake and dig a f***ing hole."
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "Why, so I can be more like the teacher's pet?"
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "Yeah, that's exactly it. You should be more like Trombley."
  • (Cpl. Josh Ray Person) "More like Trombley? MORE LIKE TROMBLEY?"
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "Thank you. Vote Republican."
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "Gentlemen, we just seized an airfield. That was pretty f***ing ninja."
  • (Sgt. Maj. John Sixta) "You has to o-dark-hundred to unf*** ya self."
  • (Cpt. Bryan Patterson) "Solid copy. Now you copy this -- I am not following that order."
  • (Cpt. Bryan Patterson) "They want our help to clear a minefield."
  • (Cpl. Walt Hasser) "Rollin' Stone?"
  • (Cpl. James Chaffin) "f*** if they don't give us a dope-smokin', peace-freak writer."
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "Ugh. Perfect s***ting opportunity. f*** it- I'm going for it."
  • (Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert) "Stay frosty gents."

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