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Girls Will Be Girls (film) Quotes

Girls Will Be Girls (film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Girls Will Be Girls completed its run in 1970.

It features Stephen Edwards in charge of musical score, and Nicholas Hutak as head of cinematography.

Girls Will Be Girls (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Girls Will Be Girls (film) is 79 minutes long. Girls Will Be Girls (film) is distributed by IFC Films.

The cast includes: Jack Plotnick as Evie, Clinton Leupp as Coco, Eric Stonestreet as Dr. Benson, Ron Mathews as Stevie, Jeffery Roberson as Varla, Dana Gould as Jeff, and Hamilton von Watts as Laurent.

Girls Will Be Girls (film) Quotes

Jack Plotnick as Evie

  • (Jack Plotnick) "The house looks nice."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "That's because we both were going to get up early to clean it. Remember?"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "I thought I'd just be in the way."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "You were in the way. That's why I moved you to your bedroom."
  • (Michael) "You know, it's always been my dream to sleep with a big movie star."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "Well, tonight may be the night your dream comes true."
  • (Michael) "Why, who's coming?"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "It's huge."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "Coco -- friends?"
  • (Clinton Leupp) "Are you high?"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "A little bit, yes."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "June Allyson. You know, they offered me that Depends commercial. Lot of money, too. Just one little problem -- I don't s*** my pants."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "Coco, I've had more children pulled out of me than a burning orphanage."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "My career was going like gangbusters until that family made me run them down."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "Then what is it?"
  • (Ron Mathews) "You know what it is -- that family of four that you ran down."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "It was a family of six, I only killed four -- and who has a picnic in their own back yard?"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "Nothing like the first puke of the day. Martini?"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "Hi, Jeff? You rammed into me today and I want seconds."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "It's like stealing money for free."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "It is stealing money."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "One drink? What's that?"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "That guy who hit us slipped me his number."
  • (Ron Mathews) "He had to Mom, it's the law."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "Well did he have to flirt with me while we waited for the cops?"
  • (Ron Mathews) "He said"
  • (Ron Mathews) "'Look the f*** where you're going, you drunk corpse.'"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "It was more in his body language."

Clinton Leupp as Coco

  • (Clinton Leupp) "Still raped over here."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "Dr. Perfect?"
  • (Eric Stonestreet) "Patient huge-tits?"
  • (Clinton Leupp) "Evie, have you ever been on morphine?"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "Once, when I had my eyes done -- then every day for ten years after that, why?"
  • (Clinton Leupp) "You raped me."
  • (Eric Stonestreet) "Yeah -- I'm sorry about that."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "Let me help you with your duffel bag."
  • (Jeffery Roberson) "My things are in the Cabriolet."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "Oh, I'm sorry. That's just your ass."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "I just hope she's not too loud. Or happy. Happy people always make such a racket."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "Evie, Varla said she was sorry for what she did --"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "I heard her."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "Well, don't you think you said some things you could apologize for?"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "Like what?"
  • (Clinton Leupp) "You said she was all binge and no purge."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "I did?"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "That's funny."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "You still shouldn't have drugged and raped me."
  • (Eric Stonestreet) "Really super sorry."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "Your career was on hold ever since you killed that family of four."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "It was a family of six, I only killed four. I mean, who has a picnic is their backyard anyway?"
  • (Clinton Leupp) "It doesn't make sense. There's no connection. And I cry for no reason and blame myself, and I've been slowly cutting off my toe with a nail file and I have no idea why."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "Evie. You were supposed to pick me up from the hospital."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "I know, honey, but I really needed the extra sleep."
  • (Clinton Leupp) "Evie, what do you think about the idea of having a dog in the house?"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "I'm sorry, have I been staring?"

Ron Mathews as Stevie

  • (Ron Mathews) "Hi Varla. Pretty name for a pretty girl."
  • (Jack Plotnick) "It's also kind of a fat name, which works too."

Hamilton von Watts as Laurent

  • (Hamilton von Watts) "Why are you doing so far from me?"

Eric Stonestreet as Dr. Benson

  • (Eric Stonestreet) "This is kind of its own punishment."

Jeffery Roberson as Varla

  • (Jeffery Roberson) "But I have a plan. I'm going to hang out every day at Schwab's Drugstore -- where Tina Turner was discovered."
  • (Jeffery Roberson) "Maseratis don't do anal."
  • (Jeffery Roberson) "You're my sister."

Dana Gould as Jeff

  • (Dana Gould) "You knew Mary Tyler Moore?"
  • (Jack Plotnick) "Very well. Funny story -- she has diabetes."

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