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Hope Island (TV series) Quotes

Hope Island is a Drama that first aired in 1999 on Ion Television. Hope Island ended in 2000.

Hope Island lasted 1 seasons and 22 episodes. It features Tim McCauley as composer. Hope Island is executive produced by Mary Hanes.

Hope Island is recorded in English and originally aired in USA. Each episode of Hope Island is 60 minutes long. Hope Island is produced by Ion Media.

The cast includes: Brian Jenson as Boris Obolenski, Duncan Fraser as Brian Brewster, Cameron Daddo as Daniel Cooper, Haig Sutherland as Nub Flanders, Allison Hossack as Molly Brewster, Gina Stockdale as Ruby Vasquez, Veena Sood as Callie Pender, Suki Kaiser as Alex Stone, Matthew Walker as Father Mac, Beverley Elliot as Bonita Vasquez, and David Lewis as Kevin Mitchum.

Hope Island Quotes

Brian Jenson as Boris Obolenski

  • (Brian Jenson) "Okay, smart guy. What was the nickname of captain Ilyich Murlowski? The "Maniacal Mongoose". How many points for that?"
  • (Brian Jenson) "You leave cooking to Boris."
  • (Allison Hossack) "Wait. What? You're a chef?"
  • (Brian Jenson) "Chef, artist, plumber, sword swallower. Now to finish salad. I will need garlic, dill and vodka."
  • (Allison Hossack) "Okay. Wait. You put vodka in salad?"
  • (Brian Jenson) "I put vodka in Boris. Moosh. Moosh."
  • (Brian Jenson) "Must to find your midsection."
  • (Gina Stockdale) "I'm sorry, Boris. I lost my midsection years ago."
  • (Brian Jenson) "Boris will help you find it again."
  • (Gina Stockdale) "Then, I'm all yours."

Gina Stockdale as Ruby Vasquez

  • (Gina Stockdale) "Dare we ask what the good news is?"
  • (Suki Kaiser) "Well, the good news is that Zabar is going to hypnotize Daniel."
  • (Duncan Fraser) "Oh, well. That's going to make me feel better, watching Daniel cluck like a chicken."
  • (Suki Kaiser) "You, guys. Look, I was as upset as you are. But Zabar says that as soon as he hypnotizes Daniel, Daniel is going to remember where he put the ticket."
  • (Suki Kaiser) "And then he'll cluck like a chicken."
  • (Gina Stockdale) "Can't they fax it to you?"
  • (Veena Sood) "Not with the phone lines down. It's just like the "Olden Days"."
  • (Haig Sutherland) "Yup. It's the '80s all over again."

Cameron Daddo as Daniel Cooper

  • (Cameron Daddo) "Kevin, do you not like to dance, or do you --"
  • (David Lewis) "Stink? Oh, yeah. I waaaay stink."
  • (Cameron Daddo) "What did you say to her?"
  • (Suki Kaiser) "I just told her that if she lied to him, he probably lied to her too. I mean, think about it; 6'3", Rhodes Scholar, Olympic skier? He's albino. He's a dwarf."

Suki Kaiser as Alex Stone

  • (Suki Kaiser) "Daniel just, uh, asked me over for dinner."
  • (Allison Hossack) "Dinner?"
  • (Suki Kaiser) "Mm-hmm."
  • (Allison Hossack) "That's a first."
  • (Suki Kaiser) "He said to come over there by 5:30."
  • (Allison Hossack) "How come so early?"
  • (Suki Kaiser) "I don't know, but he said, that way we'll have plenty of time."
  • (Allison Hossack) "To do what?"
  • (Suki Kaiser) "I don't know, but apparently we're going to have plenty of time for it."
  • (Allison Hossack) "Aha."
  • (Suki Kaiser) "Oh, you drive me crazy sometimes."
  • (Cameron Daddo) "The feeling's mutual."
  • (Suki Kaiser) "What I'm worried about is Dylan."
  • (Cameron Daddo) "He'll be okay."
  • (Suki Kaiser) "How do you know?"
  • (Cameron Daddo) "Because he has a fantastic mother. There's a lot of people on this island who care about him. We're all going to take good care of him."
  • (Suki Kaiser) "Thank you. How do you know just the right things to say?"
  • (Cameron Daddo) "Somedays I just get lucky."
  • (Suki Kaiser) "Don't do that, Daniel. Come on. Don't talk to me like a minister. Talk to me like a man."
  • (Cameron Daddo) "Excuse me. Talk to me like a man? Like a man? Are you saying that because I'm a minister, I'm not a man?"

Beverley Elliot as Bonita Vasquez

  • (Beverley Elliot) "We can just sit here in silence if you like, Roy. I just want you to know I'm here."
  • (Roy) "What? You mean we can just sit here the whole session and say nothing?"
  • (Beverley Elliot) "Uh-huh."
  • (Roy) "Good."
  • (Cameron Daddo) "Roy --"
  • (Beverley Elliot) "No, Daniel. Silence is fine for today."

Matthew Walker as Father Mac

  • (Matthew Walker) "I hear this was Cory's handiwork. That's what landed him in the hoosegow."
  • (Cameron Daddo) "The what?"
  • (Matthew Walker) "The slammer. The clink. Up the river. Doesn't anybody watch old gangster films anymore?"

Duncan Fraser as Brian Brewster

  • (Duncan Fraser) "The girl of my dreams. A 1958 El Dorado convertible. I've wanted one of these since I was 10 years old."
  • (Cameron Daddo) "Did your dad have one?"
  • (Duncan Fraser) "No. Next door neighbor Elmo Sapp. I dreamed one day that'd be me."
  • (Haig Sutherland) "You dreamed you'd be Elmo Sapp?"

Allison Hossack as Molly Brewster

  • (Allison Hossack) "Look what I got for you. They're supposed to be the best. The soles won't slip or slide. So they'll help you grip the floor when we do aerials. Hmmmm."
  • (David Lewis) "Aerials?"

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