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Jack the Giant Killer (1962 film) Quotes

Jack the Giant Killer (1962 film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Jack the Giant Killer stopped airing in 1970.

It features Edward Small as producer, Paul Sawtell in charge of musical score, and David S. Horsley as head of cinematography.

Jack the Giant Killer (1962 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Jack the Giant Killer (1962 film) is 94 minutes long. Jack the Giant Killer (1962 film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Torin Thatcher as Pendragon, Tudor Owen as Chancellor, Dayton Lummis as King Mark, Walter Burke as Garna, Kerwin Mathews as Jack, Judi Meredith as Princess Elaine, Ken Mayer as Boatswain, Roger Mobley as Peter, Barry Kelley as Sigurd, and Robert Gist as Scottish Captain.

Jack the Giant Killer (1962 film) Quotes

Torin Thatcher as Pendragon

  • (Torin Thatcher) "Oh Isis, keeper of the magic flame, behold thy shrouded minions, demons of the dark, assembled to prepare before the altar of thy eternal flame a neophyte to serve thee in thy mystic labyrinth."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "If you take one step towards me, horns will sprout from your head. A second step and you will develop cloven hooves and walk on all fours. A third step and the transformation will be complete; you will have become a black ram. So, you see --"
  • (Imp) "Your sword can be an antidote to growing a cashmere coat. Hold it before you as you go, hilt above and point below."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "You have one choice to make, King Mark: Your daughter or your throne. In a week, I shall return for your answer."
  • (Dayton Lummis) "You hold my daughter, witch. But, we held you."
  • (Dayton Lummis) "Seize him."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "One week, King Mark. No more."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "A pity to shatter your innocent dreams, Princess Elaine, but the throne of Cornwall is to be mine and only you can give it to me."

Kerwin Mathews as Jack

  • (Kerwin Mathews) "Are you all right?"
  • (Judi Meredith) "You've done it. You've killed him."
  • (Kerwin Mathews) "It was nothing. I kill a giant every morning before breakfast. Starts my day right."
  • (Kerwin Mathews) "Ahoy on board."
  • (Roger Mobley) "Help."
  • (Kerwin Mathews) "Ahoy."
  • (Roger Mobley) "Help."
  • (Barry Kelley) "Strange fish in the sea today."
  • (Kerwin Mathews) "Listen you men, sail for England and you'll all swing from the gallows. Elaine is the royal princess of Cornwall."
  • (Ken Mayer) "Aye, and I'm the Caliph of Baghdad."
  • (Kerwin Mathews) "How do I know I can trust you?"
  • (Torin Thatcher) "Aren't we rather forced to trust each other?"

Walter Burke as Garna

  • (Walter Burke) "Leaving so soon, princess? Why, your voyage has just begun."
  • (Walter Burke) "Master. Black Prince. Look, it has come from the castle."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "So, you decided to visit us, eh, Gaunt? Bringing a little present."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "She sails with the morning tide."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "What kind of a voyage is it to be, eh, Tubo? Smooth and tranquil?"
  • (Walter Burke) "Master. Master. Master Pendragon."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "What happened?"
  • (Walter Burke) "Calamity, O Prince. Most faithful disaster."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "The princess, where is she?"
  • (Walter Burke) "Cormoran is dead, slain by a young farmer. By now, the princess is back in her father's castle."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "Impossible, you're lying."
  • (Walter Burke) "I tell the truth, master, I swear it. He took her from me at the boat, and then kill the giant. I saw him with my own eyes."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "Blundering fool. A fury take you to your torments, all of you."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "I scheme a thousand nights, put the princess in your very hands and you, imbecile, idiot, allow a mere farmer, a mere mortal to defy me."
  • (Walter Burke) "We have failed, master, we have failed."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "But only for a moment. I shall have the princess and the farmer shall die. By all the powers of darkness, he shall die."

Judi Meredith as Princess Elaine

  • (Imp) "For you, Elaine, some sound advice. Opportunity knocks, but never twice. So if it's happiness you'd woo, marry Jack, he's the lad for you."
  • (Judi Meredith) "I had intend to."
  • (Judi Meredith) "It's so hot in here. Would you mind escorting me to the terrace?"
  • (Kerwin Mathews) "Thank you for rescuing me."
  • (Judi Meredith) "You saved my life, remember?"
  • (Unnamed) "Hail to Sir Jack. Jack the Giant Killer."
  • (Unnamed) "Hail to Sir Jack. Hail to Sir Jack."
  • (Judi Meredith) "I think my rescuer has acquired a new name."
  • (Kerwin Mathews) "I seem to have acquired more than a new name. It is a great honor. I hope I can be worthy of it."
  • (Judi Meredith) "That's my father's way of saying thank you. This is mine."
  • (Kerwin Mathews) "I shall immediately go out and find another giant to slay."
  • (Judi Meredith) "Before breakfast?"

Roger Mobley as Peter

  • (Roger Mobley) "She doesn't answer the helm very well."
  • (Barry Kelley) "She will do to get us back to England."
  • (Kerwin Mathews) "To England -- and home."
  • (Roger Mobley) "A little toy man."
  • (Imp) "Insulting a leprechaun? A toy, you say? Oh, for that there'll be the devil to pay."

Ken Mayer as Boatswain

  • (Ken Mayer) "And where would our royal highness wish us to sail?"
  • (Kerwin Mathews) "We're going to save the girl."
  • (Ken Mayer) "His majesty can have this blasted tub as soon as we're safe ashore at Cornwall. As for me, I'll not sail in the wake of those accursed witches."
  • (Ken Mayer) "This voyage is accursed."
  • (Unnamed) "It's the work of the devil."
  • (Ken Mayer) "It's the devil himself."
  • (Robert Gist) "Devil or witch, or whatever you are, you may have the wind on me now, but you'll not scuttle my ship."

Tudor Owen as Chancellor

  • (Tudor Owen) "It's been years since the giants were banished. Why have they returned?"
  • (Dayton Lummis) "Why?"

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