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Jayne Mansfield's Car Quotes

Jayne Mansfield's Car is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Jayne Mansfield's Car ended its run in 1970.

It features Alexander Rodnyansky as producer, Owen Easterling Hatfield in charge of musical score, and Barry Markowitz as head of cinematography.

Jayne Mansfield's Car is distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

The cast includes: Kevin Bacon as Carroll Caldwell, Robert Duvall as Jim Caldwell, Billy Bob Thornton as Skip Caldwell, Robert Patrick as Jimbo Caldwell, Frances O'Connor as Camilla Bedford, Marshall Allman as Alan Caldwell, Shawnee Smith as Vicky Caldwell, John Patrick Amedori as Mickey Caldwell, and Katherine LaNasa as Neal Baron.

Jayne Mansfield's Car Quotes

Billy Bob Thornton as Skip Caldwell

  • (Billy Bob Thornton) "You hear that?"
  • (Frances O'Connor) "No, I don't. Birds?"
  • (Billy Bob Thornton) "Silence. That's what was hard to get used to. It still is sometimes. It's kind of like floating on a peaceful lake with a tornado in your head or something."
  • (Billy Bob Thornton) "I just want to fly up there; in the quiet and still. I was a navy pilot. How 'bout that? It wasn't quiet and still though. It was loud and crazy and scary. But you went up every time you were supposed to. Did what you were supposed to do. And I went up with three minds. One mind was always thinking, "One way or the other, I'm gonna get back. I'm gonna make it back." And then another mind was always thinking, "This is probably gonna be the last day of my life." And then your third mind was right down the middle, and didn't think about anything. It wouldn't let the other two in."
  • (Billy Bob Thornton) "You know, people say they don't like to talk about war because it brings up the bad memories and nightmares and everything. I don't believe that. I believe they don't talk about it because nobody wants to hear it."

Robert Patrick as Jimbo Caldwell

  • (Robert Patrick) "No, no, no. I'm not pissed off at you. I don't even like you. I only get pissed off at people I like."

Robert Duvall as Jim Caldwell

  • (Robert Duvall) "You reckon how many people would live to ripe old age if we didn't go anywhere, 'cause transportation kills a lot of people. Yeah. What if the last thought in the world was, "God damn it, here comes a car across the center lane about to kill me, 'cause I had to get out at 10:00 at night for a roll of toilet paper. Well, I wish I would have just wiped my ass with a sweetgum leaf."

Katherine LaNasa as Neal Baron

  • (Katherine LaNasa) "Boy, it's a shame about her movin' on. She's in a better place now. Better than England anyway, from what I know of it."
  • (Katherine LaNasa) "I'm just f***ing with you, son."
  • (Katherine LaNasa) "But not really. God damn, it's miserable over there. I went over there once on business and, God damn, I don't see how y'all do it. You can't get so much as one good meal over there. They wouldn't know a grill if one bit 'em on the ass. And musty? God damn, cold s***ty. Boil everything. They'd boil a god**** Clark Bar."

Marshall Allman as Alan Caldwell

  • (Marshall Allman) "Nobody is going to church, why do we have to?"
  • (Shawnee Smith) "'Cause we always go to church. Because we love the Lord."
  • (Marshall Allman) "Well, we went to church yesterday."
  • (Shawnee Smith) "No, we didn't, God damn it. We went to a funeral."

John Patrick Amedori as Mickey Caldwell

  • (John Patrick Amedori) "I saw this picture of some guys in 'Nam hanging out with some palm trees, with their shirts off and guns slung over their shoulders. Looked so f***ing rock 'n roll. I want to do something cool, Daddy. I don't want to rot here. I'm 18. I don't need your permission."

Kevin Bacon as Carroll Caldwell

  • (Kevin Bacon) "God damn, buddy, I love ya to death, but sometimes, man, you can really f*** up a free meal."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "You know, I used to think that you were seven feet tall. I spent my whole childhood just trying to be just -- just like you. God damn, I'm glad I didn't succeed."
  • (Robert Duvall) "Hmm. Yeah."
  • (Robert Duvall) "You turned out real good."

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