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Joe's Apartment Quotes

Joe's Apartment is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Joe's Apartment stopped airing in 1970.

It features Bonni Lee as producer, Carter Burwell in charge of musical score, and Peter Deming as head of cinematography.

Joe's Apartment is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Joe's Apartment is 77 minutes long. Joe's Apartment is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Jerry O'Connell as Joe, Jim Turner as Walter s***, Rockapella as Roaches, Megan Ward as Lily Dougherty, and Sandra Denton as Blank.

Joe's Apartment Quotes

Jim Turner as Walter s***

  • (Jim Turner) "I wanted to express how cold, how pitiless this city really is."
  • (Jerry O'Connell) "Nobody touched you for two days?"
  • (Jim Turner) "Spitting doesn't count."
  • (Jim Turner) "Congratulate me. This is my first work to use paint. I call it instant minority. I did the whole block."
  • (Jerry O'Connell) "But people are black or white, not purple."
  • (Jim Turner) "Periwinkle. It's periwinkle."
  • (Jim Turner) "Oh my God. Joe, It's your mother -- and she's dead."

Rockapella as Roaches

  • (Rockapella) "Welcome to Joey's toilet."
  • (Rockapella) "Welcome to Joe's apartment, it's our apartment too/We've been around for a hundred billion years and we'll be here long after you./(ba ba ba ba ba)/Let's go to our place it's a great big space it's where I wanna be/Where friends all meet and life is sweet cuz everything's for free/It's the joint, it's a gas/It's a big fat boot in the ass (kick your ass)/Let's toast raise your glass here's to Joe. A man with class./(burp) Sooooo -- hello from Joe's apartment you're gonna love the view/It's the nest that beats the rest/We're so glad that you're our guest/Come on in we're all undressed. (whistle) Joe's apartment we welcome you."
  • (Rockapella) "Funky Towel, towel's got the funk/Funky towel, towel's got the funk."
  • (Ralph Roach) "Talk? We can sing."
  • (Rockapella) "Garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage. / The garbage in the moonlight gives off a lovely smell; lovely smell / Sipping sewage with my baby in our little roach motel; please don't tell / zum zum zuma zum zum zum / doot de doot doot doot de doo doot de doot doot doot de doo doot de doot doot doot de doo doot de doot doot doodly doo / Take an ocean trip on our garbage ship with the cockroach I adore / We'll take a taste of the medical waste that washes up on shore / Oh sweetheart say you love me and crawl underneath my rug / You're one in a thousand billion baby; oh won't you be / My Bug.; won't you be my bug? / Please be my bug."

Jerry O'Connell as Joe

  • (Jerry O'Connell) "Oh, my god. Mister, are you alright?"
  • (Jim Turner) "Two days, seven hours, twenty-three minutes and four seconds. That's how long I've been lying here."
  • (Jerry O'Connell) "Are you O.K.?"
  • (Jim Turner) "'Course not. I'm an artist."

Megan Ward as Lily Dougherty

  • (Megan Ward) "The lot is completely planted, the, the community is behind it and the flowers just starting to bloom and now all I have to do is show it to my father and show him something good can still come outta the neighborhood and it's worth saving --"
  • (Jerry O'Connell) "Do-you-wanna-come-over-to-my-place?"
  • (Jerry O'Connell) "I've -- got a towel you could use."

Sandra Denton as Blank

  • (Sandra Denton) "COFFEE BREAK."

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