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Lost in Austen Quotes

Lost in Austen is a Drama that appeared on TV in 2008 on ITV (TV network). Lost in Austen ended its run in 2008.

Lost in Austen aired for 4 episodes. It features Kate McKerrell as producer, and Christian Henson in charge of musical score. Lost in Austen is executive produced by Guy Andrews.

Lost in Austen is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Lost in Austen is 45 mins. long. Lost in Austen is produced by Mammoth Screen.

The cast includes: Jemima Rooper as Amanda Price, Tom Mison as Mr. Bingley, Elliot Cowan as Mr. Darcy, Christina Cole as Caroline Bingley, Tom Riley as Mr. Wickham, Alex Kingston as Mrs. Bennet, Alex Kingston as Mr. Bennet, Genevieve Gaunt as Georgiana, Gemma Arterton as Elizabeth Bennet, Daniel Percival as Michael, Lindsay Duncan as Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Guy Henry as Mr. Collins, and Morven Christie as Jane Bennet.

Lost in Austen Quotes

Elliot Cowan as Mr. Darcy

  • (Elliot Cowan) "Miss Price."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Yes. We should celebrate. You asked me a question and I answered it. And we didn't have an argument about it."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "I did not ask you a question. I made an observation, 'Miss Price'. The confirmation of your identity was entirely superfluous. As a result we are now arguing about it. And therefore, you are wrong."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "That's so sweet. You're actually trying to make me laugh."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "Yes. It shall not occur again."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "And you're smiling."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "No, no. I only smile in private -- when nobody is looking."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "Not one heartbeat do I forget."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "Ah. Well met, well met. Bingley, Miss Lydia and I have just now returned from the opera --"
  • (Tom Mison) "Darcy."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "-- And the problem with the opera of course, is one cannot --"
  • (Tom Mison) "Sir, will you have done? Your subterfuge is well-meaning but it is puerile and demeans us all. There is no opera in Hammersmith. You've just arrived from god-knows-where, that much is plain."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "About Miss Bennet. You lied. Why?"
  • (Jemima Rooper) "God, I know you're supposed to be abrupt but that's a bit stark."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "I'm always stark with liars."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Elizabeth, what can I say? You're welcome to him. Miserable sod."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "Uh, Miss Price? I am decided I was wrong about Charles and Miss Bennet. I should never have obstructed them. It was a shameless cruelty against your blameless friend and -- I beg your propitiation for it. Prove to me that I am forgiven? Come to Pemberley? My sister Georgiana has want of company."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "All's well, Mr. Collins? The birds are that way --"
  • (Guy Henry) "Yes, yes."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Mr. Collins has had the unusual good fortune to shoot a peacock."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "Are my wits disordered by opium? Where is this dreadful place?"
  • (Jemima Rooper) "This is London. My London."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "If you wound Bingley you will find my displeasure baleful and entirely unrelenting, for my --"
  • (Jemima Rooper) ""Good opinion once lost is lost forever." Yes, I know."

Gemma Arterton as Elizabeth Bennet

  • (Gemma Arterton) "The door does not oblige."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "It bloody well does oblige. This is Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet coming through for God's sake."
  • (Gemma Arterton) "I'm sorry. It's just I see Jane and --"
  • (Jemima Rooper) "You think marriage to Darcy will be like marriage to Collins? Look, in the book you don't exactly hit it off; to begin with. Just keep talking. From the talking comes the love."
  • (Gemma Arterton) "Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley? I am your wife."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "I do not recall marrying you, Madam. I think I would have noticed if I had."
  • (Gemma Arterton) "We have been married nearly 200 years."

Lindsay Duncan as Lady Catherine de Bourgh

  • (Lindsay Duncan) "Well? What do you have to say for yourself?"
  • (Alex Kingston) "I say this. You are a prig, Madam, a pander and a common bully. And you cheat at cards. Do you suppose you may enter my house and brandish your hat at me thus? I have a mind to turn you upside down and use you to scrape out Ambrosia's sty."
  • (Lindsay Duncan) "Madam, I take my leave of you."
  • (Alex Kingston) "Do. Or I shall take you out and set to scraping. Scrape, scrape, scrape, I shall go."
  • (Alex Kingston) "Tally-ho, wife."
  • (Guy Henry) "Mrs. Bennet, you must desist."
  • (Morven Christie) "Oh be quiet, you silly man. Do you suppose Mama would permit her daughters to be married to your brothers when before her very eyes is the specimen of you?"
  • (Alex Kingston) "Tonight Mrs. Bennet, with your permission, I think I shall sleep in our bedroom."

Tom Mison as Mr. Bingley

  • (Tom Mison) "We shall have 25 children and name them all Amanda, even the boys."
  • (Tom Mison) "Brava, Miss Price. And whenever life is gettin' me down, I shall be sure to go 'downtown'. Eh, Darcy?"
  • (Elliot Cowan) "With alacrity."
  • (Tom Mison) "Darcy regards all forms of sudden locomotion as emblematic of ill-breeding. Hunting, tennis, rising precipitately from a chair --"
  • (Elliot Cowan) "When Miss Price and I dance, sir, there shall be nothing sudden."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "I can't dance this sort of dance."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "Nor I. Together we shall make a shambles. But we shall do it with such authority that everyone will stare at us to learn the step."
  • (Tom Mison) "Damn you. Damn you and damn everyone who won't put a light in his window and stay up all night damning you."

Tom Riley as Mr. Wickham

  • (Tom Riley) "Everyone you love, Miss Price, will one day prise your fingers from the raft and watch you drown. Everyone, Miss Price. Except me"
  • (Tom Riley) "You have chosen precisely the man I wish for you to choose. Swellerando, master of Pemberley. Brava."
  • (Tom Riley) "Miss Price, I fear that your life with Mr. Collins may be short of gaeity. If you find yourself nonplussed by the anticipated pleasures of married life, call upon me and I shall redress the deficit."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Full marks for trying, George, but I wouldn't have my deficit redressed by you if you were the last man on earth."
  • (Tom Riley) "Where am I to sleep?"
  • (Jemima Rooper) "I am grateful to you, George. But where you -- put yourself tonight is not my concern. Perhaps you should address yourself to Mr. Collins."
  • (Tom Riley) "I doubt Mr. Collins is equipped to give me satisfaction with regards to this enquiry."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Then you must take matters into your own hands. Mine are full."

Jemima Rooper as Amanda Price

  • (Jemima Rooper) "I try not to judge people I've never met"
  • (Elliot Cowan) "You are a philosopher, Miss Price. I would I could be like you."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Certainly you would benefit an occupation of some kind. You have no function, Mr. Darcy. No purpose."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "Of course not. What a disgusting idea. That is the raison d'etre of society. We must be seen to be unoccupied."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "You're better than this. I know you are because I've had you in my head, Fitzwilliam Darcy, since I was 12 years old. So why are you behaving like such a total git? Jane has no money. So what? Bingley's got stacks. What right have you to trash their love because of an -- accident of birth?"
  • (Elliot Cowan) "There is no accident in birth."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Do you know what I am so angry?"
  • (Elliot Cowan) "You were born thus."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "I've been in love with your life for 14 years. Cut my heart out, Darcy. It's your name written on it with Elizabeth's. God Almighty, here you are. One half the greatest love story ever told. You. And do you know what? You don't deserve her."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "Is this interview concluded? It is so difficult to tell."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "You are such a disappointment, I can hardly bear to look at you."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "A deprivation I shall endure as stoically as I can."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "You're so relentless unpleasant. I just can't get at the real you."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "Madam. Behold, Fitzwilliam Darcy. I am what I am. If you find yourself unable to 'get at' an alternative version, I must own to being glad. I despise the intrusions of a woman so singularly dedicated to mendacity, disorder and lewdness. They repel me. You repel me. You are an abomination, Madam. Good afternoon to you."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "If I dream about him tonight, I shall be really angry. I'm going to dream about him. Well, I hope in my dream you choke. Hateful man."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "You're supposed to be so bloody incandescent with integrity and you misjudge everybody. You misjudge me."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Hear that sound, George? Duh-uh-uh-uh. That's Jane Austen spinning in her grave like a cat in a tumble-dryer."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "I'm not hung up about Darcy. I do not sit at home with the pause button on Colin Firth in clingy pants, okay? I love the love story. I love Elizabeth. I love the manners and language and the courtesy. It's become part of who I am and what I want. I'm saying that I have standards."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, you have standards, pet. I hope they help you on with your coat when you're 70."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Wickham. You are a bastard, but you are the right bastard at the right time."
  • (Tom Riley) "One does one's best."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "You think you're the girl for him. Step off, Caroline. You conniving, smirking --"
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Bumface."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Did I say that out loud?"
  • (Jemima Rooper) "I need to use the telephone. I need to call my boyfriend."
  • (Gemma Arterton) "Of course."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Elizabeth Bennet is lending me her mobile --"
  • (Jemima Rooper) "The rest of us are gonna say goodbye nicely and watch you step through all that plumbing into fictional Georgian England and that'll be it. And then we'll all spend the rest of our lives in therapy. It's going to be fine."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Collins. On the page, OK, he's pretty bad. In the flesh, he's all-time king of the mingers."

Daniel Percival as Michael

  • (Daniel Percival) "What do you mean Darcy? Darcy's some ponce in a book. Some todger-twitching nancy boy."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "What is this curious person? Is it some sort of village idiot -- or a clown?"

Genevieve Gaunt as Georgiana

  • (Genevieve Gaunt) "This lady who's coming to stay -- Are you going to marry her?"
  • (Elliot Cowan) "That's an absolutely outrageous question, Georgiana. And I really should chastise you for it."
  • (Genevieve Gaunt) "You wouldn't dare."
  • (Elliot Cowan) "You're right, I wouldn't."

Morven Christie as Jane Bennet

  • (Morven Christie) "He is in love with you."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "No, he can't be. That -- doesn't make sense at all. That's crazy. Darcy, okay, and Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourne, not Darcy and Amanda Price of W6."
  • (Morven Christie) "Lizzie did not come to my wedding. She has detached herself from the fortunes of this family. It is the thing that she has chosen. You must acknowledge this, Miss Price, of your own choosing. I think you are a good person and you deserve happiness."

Alex Kingston as Mr. Bennet

  • (Alex Kingston) "The time has come for me to tie you well -- and let you go."

Christina Cole as Caroline Bingley

  • (Christina Cole) "Charles told me your secret. It is my secret too. I shall get my paws on Darcy and I shall marry him because it is correct, and necessary and expected by everyone including God. But the physical society of men is something I have never sought. I shall endure it with Darcy because endurance is a speciality of our sex. But the poetry of Sappho is the only music that shall ever touch my heart, though I have yet to play upon the um -- instrument myself."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "Goodness. Jane Austen would be fairly suprised to find she'd written that."
  • (Christina Cole) "Money, Miss Price. The fortune to which you aspire in an immediate instance may pass you by. But I am certain you shall not starve."
  • (Jemima Rooper) "No, I don't suppose I shall on 27000 a year."

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