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Plumed Serpent (Grimm) Quotes

Plumed Serpent (Grimm) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Plumed Serpent stopped airing in 1970.

It features Norberto Barba; Jim Kouf; David Greenwalt; Sean Hayes, and Todd Milliner as producer, and Richard Marvin (composer) in charge of musical score.

Each episode of Plumed Serpent (Grimm) is 42 minutes long.

Plumed Serpent (Grimm) Quotes

  • (Monroe) "Hey, I'm just glad to be here, to you know, help rescue a woman I've never met before. Or been introduced to. But, you know, hey, I don't take it personally --"
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "Are you really going to bring that up right now?"
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "Where are the bodies?"
  • (Sgt. Wu) "Downstairs in the basement."
  • (Hank Griffin) "What condition?"
  • (Sgt. Wu) "Toast."
  • (Monroe) "You sure we should be conversing like this here?"
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "No."
  • (Monroe) "I was hoping you'd say that."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "So, Daemonfeuer?"
  • (Monroe) "You just said we weren't going to do that in here."
  • (Ariel Eberhart) "Am I your first Daemonfeuer? I hope so. You're my first Grimm. I was a little worried I wouldn't get to see you again. Although I have to say, you're not exactly what I expected."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "It's all copper."
  • (Hank Griffin) "Why? I mean, I had an aunt who wore tinfoil hats for years. But this Jeez. This girl takes being wired to a whole new level."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "Juliette, where are you?"
  • (Ariel Eberhart) "She's with me. Time for a little search and rescue."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "Where are you taking her?"
  • (Ariel Eberhart) "Oh, come on, Nick. Where do you think? You know who we are. You know what we do."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "What do you want?"
  • (Ariel Eberhart) "I'd lost hope of being able to help my father. Until I found you. Offering my father a chance at redemption. Now, Grimm up. It's time to face your Daemonfeuer."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "You okay?"
  • (Hank Griffin) "Yeah. You?"
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "Yeah."
  • (Sgt. Wu) "Uh, I'm not. This stuff is in my eyes, my nose, my ears --"
  • (Monroe) "So, what are we going to do? I mean, you can't use your gun in there. You know, with them breathing all that gas. Ah, it's too bad you don't have a lance. I bet you've got one back in the trailer."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "I'm giving them what they want. Me."
  • (Monroe) "I'm not liking the plan so far."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "I'm going to distract them long enough for you to get Juliette."
  • (Monroe) "Well, what if I can't find her?"
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "What if I get burned alive? We're going in, no matter what."
  • (Monroe) "Okay. No. I got it. Just stay in the present, not the future."
  • (Monroe) "It is so classic."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "What?"
  • (Monroe) "Your princess has been taken by the dragon, right? And the rest is obvious, you know? Beautiful women being taken, dragged into caves, and the men sacrificing everything to go after them. It is the ancient archetype of the whole relationship megillah."
  • (Monroe) "Only problem is, somebody always dies."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) ""His children were even more fierce than the Daemonfeuer; willing to sacrifice themselves for him. We avoided them and, followed the Daemonfeuer high into the mountains, where we discovered his terrible lair, filled with treasures stolen from all the villages. The bones at the entrance of the cave were too many to count. If we did not know better, we would have guessed it was the entrance to Hell". That's just what I need. An entrance to Hell."
  • (Ariel Eberhart) "Isn't she perfect?"
  • (Fred Eberhart) "Who comes for her?"
  • (Ariel Eberhart) "Someone worthy of you."
  • (Hank Griffin) "About all we can do is run an APB on her car. See if we can pick her up. Until then, you might as well go home and get a little -- rest."

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