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Rock Monster Quotes

Rock Monster is a TV program that was first aired in 2008 on Syfy. Rock Monster stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jeffery Beach as producer, Tom Hiel as theme composer, and Anton Bakarski Dylan as head of cinematography.

Rock Monster is recorded in English and originally aired in United States.

The cast includes: Chad Michael Collins as Jason, David Figlioli as Dimitar, Alicia Lagano as Toni, Daniel Hembling as Warren, Michael Flemming as Benny, Natalie Denise Sperl as Cassandra, Jon Polito as The Colonel, Harry Anichkin as Mayor, and Niki Iliev as Farm Boy.

Rock Monster Quotes

Niki Iliev as Farm Boy

  • (Niki Iliev) "Be my wife -- Well?"
  • (Alicia Lagano) "Let's just live in sin."

Michael Flemming as Benny

  • (Michael Flemming) "Dude; she's a ten."
  • (Daniel Hembling) "Eleven."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "Twelve."
  • (Alicia Lagano) "Congratulations, boys, you can count."
  • (Michael Flemming) "I just killed Rocky."

Alicia Lagano as Toni

  • (Alicia Lagano) "If I have to listen to Warren bitch about his kidneys being jostled by the bus or his feet swelling up from walking or his allergies acting up from the trees, I am going to hurt him; badly."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "Have you ever taken a deep, dark look at yourself, your hostility towards the opposite sex? Are you sure you're not into -- girls?"
  • (Alicia Lagano) "Oh, you wish."
  • (Alicia Lagano) "Ahh, pod people; ten o'clock."
  • (Alicia Lagano) "Eclectic -- post-Soviet Martha Stewart crossed with supply sergeant."

David Figlioli as Dimitar

  • (David Figlioli) "At dawn the sun shall shine through the sword and connect me and the creature in a bond of pure energy. The creature's spirit; the spirit of the omnipotent wizard Allas; shall be transferred to me and I shall become the most powerful man that has ever walked the earth -- and I shall walk the earth for a thousand years."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "Sounds like a party -- I'll bring the beer."
  • (David Figlioli) "My people are simple and superstitious, but they are loyal once you get to know them."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "I'm not sure I want to."
  • (David Figlioli) "Earth, wind, fire and water may all come apart, but the rock will crush them all."
  • (David Figlioli) "I'll kill you."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "You first."

Chad Michael Collins as Jason

  • (Chad Michael Collins) "Let her go, Dimitar. This is between you and me."
  • (David Figlioli) "No; this is between you -- and him."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "I need a weapon."
  • (Jon Polito) "You have one."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "But you don't expect me to fight with this, do you?"
  • (Jon Polito) "You have a sword. You learn how to use it."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "It's just a sword."
  • (Jon Polito) "No, it is not just a sword. That sword killed the monster once and it can do it again. Study it. Learn how it works and we will all be saved. Now hurry."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "Let Cassandra go and you can do whatever you want to me."
  • (David Figlioli) "Tempting, Jason, but you're not my type."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "I'm nobody's hero, Cassandra. This is not my destiny. I'm just a college student. I go to Cal Poly. I've been going there for seven years; I've had ten majors. I only came to this place to claim a free house."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "Hey, Benny, what was your major, anyway?"
  • (Michael Flemming) "Quantum physics; string theory."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "String theory? Benny? More like G-string theory."

Jon Polito as The Colonel

  • (Jon Polito) "Dimitar has warned that the creature will come back and kill every living song in Ivanova until he has the sword -- and you are dead."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "He's really starting to get on my nerves."

Natalie Denise Sperl as Cassandra

  • (Natalie Denise Sperl) "Are you all Americans? I love America. I've seen every American movie since 1984. I read every American newspaper and magazine I can find."
  • (Chad Michael Collins) "Wow, that's great. I'm an American and so are my friends; except for Warren. He's British."
  • (Daniel Hembling) "It's not my fault."

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