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Salem's Lot (1979 miniseries) Quotes

Salem's Lot is a Horror (genre) that appeared on TV in 1979 on CBS. Salem's Lot stopped airing in 1979.

Salem's Lot was on for 2 episodes. It features Richard Kobritz as producer, Harry Sukman as theme composer, and Jules Brenner as head of cinematography. Salem's Lot is executive produced by Stirling Silliphant.

Salem's Lot is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Salem's Lot is 184 minutes long. Salem's Lot is distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution. Spinoffs for this show include A Return to Salem's Lot.

The cast includes: James Mason as Straker, Lew Ayres as Jason Berk, David Soul as Ben Mears, Geoffrey Lewis as Mike Ryerson, Marie Windsor as Eva Miller, Lance Kerwin as Mark Petrie, Kenneth McMillan as Constable Parkins Gillespie, Clarissa Kaye as Majorie Glick, Brad Savage as Danny Glick, and Bonnie Bedelia as Susan Norton.

Salem's Lot Quotes

Marie Windsor as Eva Miller

  • (Marie Windsor) "Mister Mears? Telephone."
  • (David Soul) "Oh, uh, ah, all right -- Just a minute."
  • (David Soul) "What is it? Long distance?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "No. It's Jason Burke."
  • (David Soul) "Oh -- what time is it?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "It's a little after four, and Mister Burke sounds very upset."
  • (David Soul) "Oh, uh, hold on."
  • (David Soul) "Yeah, Jason? What's the matter?"
  • (David Soul) "Well, give me about ten minutes."
  • (David Soul) "Well, hell, no, I'm a -- I was a Baptist -- Jason?"
  • (David Soul) "Do you have a -- a rosary? Or a crucifix?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "In my bedroom. Mister Burke ask for it?"
  • (David Soul) "Yes, please."
  • (Marie Windsor) "Well, he's not Catholic. I don't even think he goes to church."
  • (David Soul) "Please?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "The house was a monument to evil sitting there all these years holding the essence of evil in its smoldering bones."

David Soul as Ben Mears

  • (David Soul) "They've found us again -- Another has found us."
  • (Lance Kerwin) "We have to go further."
  • (David Soul) "Not yet."
  • (David Soul) "You'll have to get some hawthorn."
  • (Bonnie Bedelia) "Okay."
  • (David Soul) "And put it all over the house."
  • (David Soul) "Bless this cross in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. No atheists with false thoughts -- The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He maketh me -- He maketh me to lie down in -- beside still water. He maketh me to lie down. He maketh me -- He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He restoreth my soul."
  • (David Soul) "He leadeth me in the paths of the righteousness for His name's sake."
  • (David Soul) "Bill. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. Bill."
  • (David Soul) "I will fear no evil. Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me."
  • (Dr. William 'Bill' Norton) "We haven't completed our tests, yet but it could be -- and I'm trusting you to keep this to yourself -- it could be pernicious anemia."
  • (David Soul) "Coming on overnight?"

James Mason as Straker

  • (James Mason) "Oh, you're the writer. On vacation or vocation?"
  • (James Mason) "You'll enjoy Mr. Barlow. And he'll enjoy you."
  • (James Mason) "Ciao, Constable."
  • (Kenneth McMillan) "Chow?"
  • (James Mason) "Ciao. It's a familiar Italian expression meaning goodbye."
  • (Kenneth McMillan) "I didn't know you were Italian."
  • (James Mason) "I'm not. The word is."

Lew Ayres as Jason Berk

  • (Lew Ayres) "Marsten House still the centre of the story?"
  • (David Soul) "Yep."
  • (Lew Ayres) "How about the Glick boys? You connect them with the house?"
  • (David Soul) "Everything in Salem's Lot is connected to that house. You can see it from every part of the town. It's like a beacon throwing off an energy force."
  • (Lew Ayres) "Mike."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Hello, Mister Burke."
  • (Lew Ayres) "Mike -- are you on something?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "No."
  • (Lew Ayres) "Drugs?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Sick. I feel sick."
  • (Lew Ayres) "Since when?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "First -- I found my dog dead. Then there was the funeral yesterday. I fell asleep on Harmony Hill. Didn't wake up until morning."
  • (David Soul) "This was after Danny Glick's funeral?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Ayuh."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "I went back to finish -- Royal wasn't there. Started to feel -- sick."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Can I have a drink?"
  • (David Soul) "Miss? Whiskey?"
  • (Lew Ayres) "What do you remember, Mike?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Singing."
  • (Lew Ayres) "Singing?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Sweetest singing I ever heard. And a feeling like drowning. And eyes -- eyes."
  • (Lew Ayres) "Whose eyes?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Bright -- scary."
  • (David Soul) "Whose?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Don't remember."
  • (Lew Ayres) "I revoke my invitation. Get out."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "You'll sleep with the dead, teacher."
  • (Lew Ayres) "I hope these will be all right."
  • (Lew Ayres) "Mike, turn your head -- this way"
  • (Lew Ayres) "Where did you get these marks?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Hmmm. I don't know."
  • (Lew Ayres) "Now, call me in the night if you want anything. Anything. Even if you have a bad dream. Will you be sure to do that?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Yes."
  • (Lew Ayres) "Now anything -- I mean it."
  • (Lew Ayres) "I'll be right down the hall."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "I will."

Geoffrey Lewis as Mike Ryerson

  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "I dreamed --"
  • (David Soul) "You slept there all night?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Yeah -- All night."
  • (Lew Ayres) "What about last night?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "I remember -- a dream."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Somebody -- out there. And I -- let him in."
  • (David Soul) "Who?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "I don't know."
  • (Lew Ayres) "Listen to me, Mike. Mike?"
  • (Lew Ayres) "Mike, I want you to stay at my house tonight. Will you do that for me? We'll arrange to see Doctor Norton tomorrow."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "All right. I don't care."

Lance Kerwin as Mark Petrie

  • (Lance Kerwin) "What did you do to her?"
  • (James Mason) "I've taken her to where she wished to go -- To meet the man she came here to meet."
  • (Lance Kerwin) "1951. A fire started in the old mill. It spread rapidly on both sides of Griffin Road and burned towards the Marsten House on Pabiscuitti Hill."

Kenneth McMillan as Constable Parkins Gillespie

  • (Kenneth McMillan) "Not bothered by yowens?"
  • (James Mason) "Yowens?"
  • (Kenneth McMillan) "Kids. Local word. You know how kids like to devil new folks."

Brad Savage as Danny Glick

  • (Brad Savage) "Open the window. Open the window, Mark. Open the window, Mark. Please. Let me in. It's OK, Mark, I'm your friend. He commands it."
  • (Brad Savage) "No, Mark."
  • (Brad Savage) "Aghhh."
  • (Lance Kerwin) "Go away."
  • (Lance Kerwin) "Go away."

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