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Scream 4 Quotes

Scream 4 is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Scream 4 ended in 1970.

It features Wes Craven, Iya Labunka, and Kevin Williamson as producer, Marco Beltrami in charge of musical score, and Peter Deming as head of cinematography.

Scream 4 is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Scream 4 is 103 minutes long. Scream 4 is distributed by Dimension Films.

The cast includes: Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, Erik Knudsen as Robbie, Lucy Hale as Sherrie, Shenae Grimes as Trudie, Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts, Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed, Rory Culkin as Charlie Walker, Nico Tortorella as Trevor Sheldon, Aimee Teegarden as Jenny Randall, Kristen Bell as Chloe, Marielle Jaffe as Olivia Morris, Anna Paquin as Rachel, and Alison Brie as Rebecca Walters.

Scream 4 Quotes

Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts

  • (Emma Roberts) "When you're done with a phone call, you let someone go. Or when you, take someone to the airport, you let them go. When you tell someone you love her, she gives you everything, and then you go out with some one else. That is not letting her go, that's dumping her. Okay, that's, that's betrayal."
  • (Emma Roberts) "Is this how it's gonna be, Sid? The ending of the movie was suppose to be at the house. I mean, this is just silly."
  • (Neve Campbell) "Consider this an alternative ending. You're never gonna get out of this, Jill."
  • (Emma Roberts) "Of course I will."
  • (Emma Roberts) "What are you doing here? There are cops right in front."
  • (Nico Tortorella) "No match for ninja, baby."
  • (Gale Weathers-Riley) "OK, but can I just have one final word?"
  • (Emma Roberts) "What? "Please"?"
  • (Gale Weathers-Riley) "No. Clear"
  • (Emma Roberts) "Clear?"
  • (Neve Campbell) "Clear."
  • (Emma Roberts) "You just won't die will you? Who are you? Michael f***ing Myers?"
  • (Emma Roberts) "Yeah, I don't think so."
  • (Emma Roberts) "f***ing die already."

Kristen Bell as Chloe

  • (Kristen Bell) "Did that surprise you?"
  • (Anna Paquin) "Why?"
  • (Kristen Bell) "Because you talk too much."
  • (Kristen Bell) "Now shut the f*** up and watch the movie."
  • (Kristen Bell) "There's something really scary about a guy with a knife who just -- snaps."

Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed

  • (Deputy Judy Hicks) "Did you get a call from the killer?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "No. Is -- is that a bad thing? Does that mean I'm not gonna live as long as these two?"
  • (Sheriff Dewey Riley) "No. Maybe. Of course not. Just uh -- just be careful."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Oh my god, did you hear that? I'm gonna be next."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Who invited you, Trevor?"
  • (Nico Tortorella) "All right, clearly not you. Wow. I'm gonna be upstairs, that is whoo."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Get out of my house."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "You do know they're cops all over this house?"
  • (The Voice) "I think I have just enough time to slice someone open."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Come on Mr. Ghostface, whisper to me. Aren't you supposed to ask me a question?"
  • (The Voice) "Alright, how's the movie?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "What movie?"
  • (The Voice) "Shaun of the Dead."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "How did you know that?"
  • (The Voice) "Because I'm standing in the closet."

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

  • (Neve Campbell) "What?"
  • (The Voice) "Welcome home, Sidney. Preview of coming events."
  • (Neve Campbell) "Why don't you come for me, you got the balls for that?"
  • (The Voice) "Oh, poor Sidney. You think this is all about you? You think you're still the star?"
  • (Neve Campbell) "This isn't a f***ing movie."
  • (The Voice) "It will be."
  • (Neve Campbell) "These are innocent people."
  • (The Voice) "Spare me the lecture. You've done very well by all this bloodshed haven't you? Well, how about the town you left behind. I've got plans for you. I'm gonna slit your eyelids in half so you don't blink when I stab you in the face. You'll die when I want you to, Sidney, not a moment before. Until then, you're going to suffer."
  • (Neve Campbell) "How could you do this?"
  • (Emma Roberts) "Do you know what it was like growing up in this family? Related to you? I mean, all I ever heard was Sidney this and Sidney that and Sidney, Sidney, Sidney. You where always so f***ing special. Well, now I'm the special one."
  • (Neve Campbell) "You'll slip. They always do."
  • (Neve Campbell) "You forgot the first rule of remakes, Jill. Don't f*** with the original."
  • (Neve Campbell) "Even your friends."
  • (Emma Roberts) "My friends? What world are you living in? I don't need friends. I need fans. Don't you get it? This has never been about killing you? It's about becoming you. I mean, for f***'s sake, my own mother had to die, no great loss there, so I could stay true to the original. That's sick, right? Well, sick is the new sane. You had your 15 minutes, now I want mine. I mean, what am I supposed to do? Go to college? Grad school? Work? Look around. We all live in public now, we're all on the Internet. How do you think people become famous any more? You don't have to achieve anything. You just gotta have f***ed up-s*** happen to you. So you have to die, Sid. Those are the rules. New movie, new franchise. There's only room for one lead, and let's face it, your ingenue days, they're over."
  • (Neve Campbell) "Hello?"
  • (The Voice) "Hello Sidney."
  • (Neve Campbell) "I don't know about you, but I feel a whole lot better."
  • (Neve Campbell) "Roberts residence."
  • (The Voice) "You're a survivor aren't you, Sidney? Your one and only skill, you survive. I have one question for you: What good is it to be a survivor in this little drama if everyone close to you is dead."
  • (Neve Campbell) "Who are you?"
  • (The Voice) "Turn on the TV to channel six."
  • (Neve Campbell) "Who the f*** are you?"
  • (The Voice) "Turn it on. Watch the teaser."
  • (Reporter #5) "-- turned deadly tonight with the latest victim of these attacks being the wife of the Woodsboro Sheriff Gale Riley, aka Gale Weathers, who is in serious condition tonight after being stabbed. Her assailant disappeared in a sea of identity --"
  • (The Voice) "Glad you came home Sidney? Has it been worth it yet?"
  • (Neve Campbell) "Why are you doing this?"
  • (The Voice) "Ah, friends count, but it's family ties that cut deep."
  • (The Voice) "Am I right?"
  • (Neve Campbell) "What do you mean?"
  • (The Voice) "The ones you care about most. And what's closer than family, the bond of blood?"
  • (Neve Campbell) "Don't."
  • (The Voice) "You can't save them, all you can do is watch."
  • (Neve Campbell) "This -- you film your entire high school experience and what, post it on the 'net?"
  • (Erik Knudsen) "Everybody will be doing it some day."
  • (Rory Culkin) "It's kind of the one component the killer is missing."
  • (Gale Weathers-Riley) "Wait, what do you mean?"
  • (Rory Culkin) "Well, if you wanna be the new, new version, the killer should be filming the murders."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "Yeah, it's like the natural next step in the psycho-slasher innovation. I mean you film them all real-time and before you get caught, you upload them into cyberspace."
  • (Rory Culkin) "Making your art as immortal as you."
  • (Rory Culkin) "Not to implicate him."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "Not to implicate me."
  • (Neve Campbell) "So who do you think is doing the murders."
  • (Rory Culkin) "Well, it's a Stab fanatic clearly. Working on less of a Shrequel and more of a Screamake."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "Copyright terms, by the way."
  • (Rory Culkin) "Cause all there are now are remakes. Only horror studios green-light. I mean, there are still rules, but the rules have changed. The unexpected is the new cliche."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "Yeah, you gotta have an opening sequence, that blows the doors off, gallop some music video direction and the kill's gotta be way more extreme."
  • (Rory Culkin) "Modern audiences get sappy to the rules of the original. So, the reverse has become the new standard. In fact, the only sure-fire way to survive a modern horror movie, you pretty much gotta be gay."
  • (Gale Weathers-Riley) "So, why are you so sure that the killer is working by the rules of a horror remake?"
  • (Erik Knudsen) "Well, the original Stab structure is pretty apparent."
  • (Rory Culkin) "Yeah, two kids killed in a house when their parents are away?"
  • (Erik Knudsen) "And, then the school's 'hot chick' savage beyond recognition."
  • (Rory Culkin) "We all know where it goes from there?"
  • (Neve Campbell) "A party."
  • (Rory Culkin) "Exactly. A party. Guaranteed third-act-main-cast bloodbath."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "Fingers crossed on some nudity for a change."

Erik Knudsen as Robbie

  • (Erik Knudsen) "Wait, no, you can't. You can't. There's rules. I'm gay. I'm gay."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "I mean, if it helps."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "You guys are unbelievable, you're playing f***ing trivia games? The cops are gonna come for us, they're gonna shut down my website. We're so dead."
  • (Erik Knudsen) "You're a movie knack Kirby, what's your favourite scary movie?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Bambi. Dork. What?"
  • (Rory Culkin) "That's funny Kirby."

Aimee Teegarden as Jenny Randall

  • (Aimee Teegarden) "Good one, Marnie. Lights out, phone on the floor. You know, you really should direct horror films. Wherever you are. Let me guess, you want me to walk by an open door frame so you can pop out, huh?"
  • (Aimee Teegarden) "OK, timing. Timing is perfect. But you don't have an app on your phone, so you can't talk like ghostface, can you?"
  • (The Voice) "Yes, I can."
  • (Aimee Teegarden) "Who is this?"
  • (The Voice) "Not an app."
  • (Aimee Teegarden) "Is this Trevor?"
  • (The Voice) "Do I sound like a Trevor to you? Think of me as your director. You're in my movie, you got a fun part so don't blow it."
  • (Aimee Teegarden) "What movie?"
  • (The Voice) "Same one Marnie's in, only her scene got cut way back. But you? You're the dumb blonde with the big tits, we'll have some fun with you before you die."
  • (Aimee Teegarden) "I have a 4.0 GPA and 135 IQ, asshole. What did you do with Marnie?"
  • (The Voice) "She's on the cutting room floor."
  • (Aimee Teegarden) "That's not funny."
  • (The Voice) "This isn't a comedy, it's a horror film. People live and people die, and you'd better start running."

Alison Brie as Rebecca Walters

  • (Alison Brie) "The problem with Sidney is that she never gets laid. Bring a little s***face once in a while."

Anna Paquin as Rachel

  • (Anna Paquin) "A f***ing 'Facebook' killer -- you're kidding me right?"
  • (Kristen Bell) "I guess now it would be Twitter, that'd make more sense."

Rory Culkin as Charlie Walker

  • (Rory Culkin) "Oh my god, Let me in."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Get away from the door Charlie."
  • (Rory Culkin) "Kirby, it's me. Please let me in."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Get away from the door Charlie."
  • (Rory Culkin) "It's me."
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "I'm sorry, I can't."
  • (Rory Culkin) "Did you feel that? That charge that went between us just then?"
  • (Hayden Panettiere) "Oh that was me. I have powers."
  • (Rory Culkin) "So sexy."

Nico Tortorella as Trevor Sheldon

  • (Nico Tortorella) "Why is Sidney Prescott staying with you? I mean, that's like being on Top Chef with Jeffrey Dahmer."

Lucy Hale as Sherrie

  • (Lucy Hale) "Hello?"
  • (The Voice) "Who is this?"
  • (Lucy Hale) "The more impatient version of the person you just spoke to."
  • (The Voice) "I'm sorry. You don't have to be a bitch about it."
  • (Lucy Hale) "Hmm, of course I don't. Eat me."
  • (The Voice) "You hang up on me and I'll cut through your neck until I feel bone."
  • (Shenae Grimes) "Who is it?"
  • (Lucy Hale) "It's for you."
  • (Shenae Grimes) "Hello?"
  • (The Voice) "Who is this?"
  • (Shenae Grimes) "It's Trudie. Who's this?"
  • (The Voice) "This is the last person you're ever gonna see alive."

Marielle Jaffe as Olivia Morris

  • (Marielle Jaffe) "Well, it's time for someone new to die."

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