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Sins of the Father (Arrow) Quotes

Sins of the Father (Arrow) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Sins of the Father stopped airing in 1970.

It features Sarah Schechter; Wendy Mericle; Andrew Kreisberg; Marc Guggenheim; Greg Berlanti as producer, and Blake Neely in charge of musical score.

Sins of the Father (Arrow) Quotes

  • (Malcolm Merlyn) "I've been holding off telling you this for years, Oliver. You're very handsome, not especially bright."
  • (Taiana Venediktov) "Do we have a deal?"
  • (Baron Reiter) "A deal? You misunderstood. It's mine either way."
  • (Taiana Venediktov) "I cannot stay here, Reiter. This man killed my brother."
  • (Baron Reiter) "And you'll continue to care for him as if he were your brother. Mr. Queen is an important piece of my endeavor on this island. You'll stay with him until he's well. If his health gets worse, you'll join him in his fate."
  • (Felicity Smoak) "When I was a girl, I hated myself. I thought I was broken; that no one could, or ever would, love me. It's the only way a child can grow up when their father abandons them."
  • (Noah Kuttler) "Felicity --"
  • (Felicity Smoak) "All I ever wanted to know was why. What was so wrong with me that you would leave?"
  • (Noah Kuttler) "There was nothing wrong with you, sweetheart. There was everything wrong with me. The police, the FBI, they were never going to stop looking for me. I realized a life on the run, that wasn't the life that I owed you or your mother, so I disappeared."
  • (Felicity Smoak) "You thought you were doing the right thing for us."
  • (Noah Kuttler) "Exactly."
  • (Felicity Smoak) "I have waited my entire life for that explanation, and the thing is I don't even know if I believe it."
  • (Noah Kuttler) "It's the truth."
  • (Felicity Smoak) "There is only one part of your story that I know to be true, and that is that you are wanted by the police"
  • (Noah Kuttler) "Felicity --"
  • (Felicity Smoak) "I just need you to know one thing. You are wrong. I am nothing like you."
  • (Felicity Smoak) "He showed up at my Palmer Tech presentation. I had coffee with him yesterday, where he dropped the Calculator bomb on me."
  • (John Diggle) "And why would he do that?"
  • (Felicity Smoak) "Apparently, now that he knows what I do, that we're both "vigilantes", we have something in common. The sickest part is I want to believe him. I wish there were some sort of test I could do that would prove that is who he says he is."
  • (Malcolm Merlyn) "I thought of you a son once, Oliver. I had more common with you than my own blood, but that's not the reason why I'm going to kill you. Neither the fact that you are my daughter's brother. The reason you get to live is because death would be a mercy compared to the debt I now owe you."
  • (Oliver Queen) "Don't you dare threaten me, Malcolm."
  • (Taiana Venediktov) "There is a Russian saying -- "Tot zhe molot chto drobit steklo, kuyet stal." The same hammer that shatters glass forges steel. If you want to be the man that your father wishes you to be, then this is how you'll get there. You save us from Reiter, but you cannot do that shattered."
  • (Malcolm Merlyn) "I'm a little disappointed I must say."
  • (Oliver Queen) "You're the one who put us in this position, Malcolm."
  • (Malcolm Merlyn) "Can I remind you the role you played in putting this ring on my finger?"
  • (Oliver Queen) "Oh, I remember. Tonight I correct that mistake."
  • (Malcolm Merlyn) "I can't believe it. You've grown even more foolish with experience."
  • (Oliver Queen) "3 years. Let's finish this."
  • (Noah Kuttler) "We are the same, you and I."
  • (Felicity Smoak) "I am pretty sure that I didn't try to kill 8,000 people."

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