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Socks and Cakes Quotes

Socks and Cakes is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Socks and Cakes ended in 1970.

It features Merry Colomer as producer, and Alessandro Penazzi as head of cinematography.

Socks and Cakes is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Socks and Cakes is 13 minutes long.

The cast includes: Timothy J. Cox as Harry Mogulevsky, Jeff Moffitt as Richard, Alex Vincent as Sophie, and Kirsty Meares as Amanda.

Socks and Cakes Quotes

Kirsty Meares as Amanda

  • (Kirsty Meares) "You move because you have a dream or -- maybe because you want to run away from something back home. Or even because you watched too many movies when you were a kid and -- you just think this is the place you belong to. You come here and find a job, just to pay the rent and eat while you are working on your dream. Then the job starts eating your time, your energy, your life -- that job rapes your dream and throws you in a golden cage. And you fall in love with a city that is ruining your life. One day you find a smart guy wealthy, maybe even good-looking. He becomes the two hours of fresh air in your day. He gives you a balcony on a new life, your own life. But in a few months, in a few years if you are lucky, everything changes again: he changes, you change, and suddenly instead of facing your problems, you guys decide to bury them; by getting married. A few years later, the same problems come back to the surface. If you're good enough, you divorce. If you're not, you try to bury them again; even by making a child. And every time, they will be back, you'll make another baby, or maybe you'll go on a cruise, or buy a house -- Sometimes, having a family becomes the dream of those who didn't succeed in anything else."
  • (Kirsty Meares) "Why is it that the men I leave end up together with the same kind of girls? Did you all take them to the same playground on the first date?"
  • (Kirsty Meares) "For me being a director is like being a thief: the less people see my work in a film, the better I'm doing it."

Timothy J. Cox as Harry Mogulevsky

  • (Timothy J. Cox) "Are you punishing your marriage for being successful?"
  • (Kirsty Meares) "I just wish I wanted Richard, instead of needing him."
  • (Timothy J. Cox) "It's true what they say: sometimes ignorance, just being stupid, it's the fastest shortcut to happiness, to just feel good. You know -- like those cartoons that keep running on open air until they realize there's nothing underneath their feet. As long as they are not aware of it, they never fall."
  • (Timothy J. Cox) "I don't think I would get along that well with people who respect cadavers more than live human beings."
  • (Timothy J. Cox) "I'd rather pay my shrink than talk to a guy that claims to be married to another one that died more than 2000 years ago."

Jeff Moffitt as Richard

  • (Jeff Moffitt) "Sorry, but I'll have to get you some of my clothes. Amanda doesn't leave much of her stuff around here, besides her underwear sometimes."
  • (Alex Vincent) "I thought you guys were married."
  • (Jeff Moffitt) "Yeah, but we're still keeping our own apartments. If you can afford it, it's nice to have some space for yourself. Sometimes she sleeps at my place. Sometimes I sleep at her place. Basically, we always sleep at our place."
  • (Jeff Moffitt) "I think you should come over later and sleep with me tonight -- I won't fold my clothes. I promise."
  • (Jeff Moffitt) "Being married is the art of solving together problems that you didn't used to have before."

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