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Subway Wars Quotes

Subway Wars is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Subway Wars stopped airing in 1970.

Subway Wars Quotes

  • (Barney Stinson) "I cannot stop staring at that girl's face."
  • (Ted Mosby) "Face? That's your weirdest nickname for boobs yet."
  • (Barney Stinson) "No Ted. I am really looking at her face."
  • (Lily Aldrin) "Aaaw. That's really sweet."
  • (Barney Stinson) "Puffy cheeks, smudged mascara, slightly red nose, that girl was just crying. She's so sad and defenseless. Anyone have a condom?"
  • (Barney Stinson) "Check it, I just drove a Pedi cab 26 blocks and I still smell incredible."
  • (Ted Mosby) "If you can't spot the crazy person on the bus, it's you."
  • (Lily Aldrin) "You've had a rough year. But you're tough. And I love you like crazy. If you left, I'd have to follow you. And Marshall would follow me. And Ted would follow him. The only upside is that we might get rid of Barney."
  • (Barney Stinson) "And firing half my department freed up the money to double my own salary, and this chick from Boston was wicked hot in bed last night, and I'm getting more muscular, even though I've stopped working out, and I've got this amazing poker group -- And I smell incredible."
  • (Narrator) "Actually, Barney did not need to win."
  • (Ted Mosby) "I'd say you're not a real New Yorker until you've stolen a cab from someone who needs it more than you do."
  • (Lily Aldrin) "No, you're not a New Yorker until you've cried on the subway and not given a damn what anyone thinks."
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "No, you're not a real New Yorker until you've killed a cockroach with your bare hand."
  • (Narrator) "And Robin would do all three of these before the day was out."
  • (Ted Mosby) "Barney says he tripped but I could have sworn he tackled me on purpose."

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