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The Adventures of Hajji Baba Quotes

The Adventures of Hajji Baba is a television show that debuted in 1970 . The Adventures of Hajji Baba completed its run in 1970.

It features Walter Wanger as producer, Dimitri Tiomkin in charge of musical score, and Harold Lipstein as head of cinematography.

The Adventures of Hajji Baba is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Adventures of Hajji Baba is 94 minutes long. The Adventures of Hajji Baba is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: John Derek as Hajji Baba, Donald Randolph as Caliph, Elaine Stewart as Princess Fakzia, Thomas Gomez as Osman Aga, Amanda Blake as Banah, and Paul Picerni as Nurel-Din.

The Adventures of Hajji Baba Quotes

Donald Randolph as Caliph

  • (Donald Randolph) "I fear for you. You are so innocent."
  • (Elaine Stewart) "Who fault is that? Here I am 17 and unwedded. My sisters and cousins were married at 14. I have wasted three years and I will waste no more."
  • (Donald Randolph) "Do you love my daughter?"
  • (John Derek) "Love her? I am a barber's son."
  • (Donald Randolph) "Mohammed himself was not born a prince. And it is he who said, "The greatest power in the world is love." Nurel-Din's strength can crumble and fade away, but the power of love remains. I say to you, if you love my daughter, you have that power. Win her."

Paul Picerni as Nurel-Din

  • (Paul Picerni) "I intend to possess all of Persia. My armies have gone as far south as Karwan and as far north as Samarkand. Ispahan lies across the trade route from Basra to Baghdad and Tehran. Ispahan I must and shall have."
  • (Elaine Stewart) "You say must; I say never."

John Derek as Hajji Baba

  • (John Derek) "Once I thought she loved me."
  • (Thomas Gomez) "Then take her."
  • (John Derek) "From Norel-Din?"
  • (Thomas Gomez) "Why not?"
  • (John Derek) "He's a prince; a great and powerful prince. I-I am a barber."
  • (Thomas Gomez) "Aw, I despair for you. Without courage, one can neither be a merchant nor a prince."
  • (John Derek) "I thirst for adventure as some do for wine -- especially if it's profitable."
  • (John Derek) "Nay, laugh not. I may have the instruments of a barber, but I have the desires of a prince."
  • (John Derek) "What has happened to you? Where is your caravan?"
  • (Unnamed) "Captured in the Great Pass on the short route to Nashed. We were set upon by the Turkoman women."
  • (John Derek) "Your tale is difficult to believe my friend. I hear these escaped harem girls are creatures of delicate beauty."
  • (Unnamed) "Do not be misled, young man. They're beautiful, yes, and enchanting, but they're sirens; cold. Their hearts are full of hatred. They rose up out of the hills like demons and rode us down. Those of us who were not killed in the fighting were hung up for the vultures."
  • (Unnamed) "Why are you not satisfied to be like your father, Hajji? You are a good barber."
  • (John Derek) "True. But why, I ask myself, must I remain a barber? Take the sheik's chief favorite, Ismail asa Gul; is he better spoken than I?"
  • (Unnamed) "But he is the favorite."
  • (John Derek) "Well, then, the famous Lord Treasurer, who fills the king's coffers with gold, yet does not forget his own. What was he? The son of a grocer."
  • (John Derek) "You know, if your father's men catch us, they'll take you gently back to Ispahan. Me; they'd leave my body in one place and my head in another. I like them stuck together."
  • (John Derek) "But I hear the Princess Faksia --"
  • (Thomas Gomez) "-- Is beautiful, eh? I hear so, too, but as you yourself said this morning, she's cruel and selfish."
  • (Unnamed) "And I have it from one of her handmaidens that she's not even beautiful. Her mouth is large, she has no salt in her complexion, her teeth are crooked and, as for her waist, it is as fat as an elephant's. Her feet; a camel has smaller."
  • (Elaine Stewart) "That's a lie."
  • (Unnamed) "Surely someone as handsome as you has no trouble with the beauties."
  • (John Derek) "I have no trouble with; I have trouble getting to."

Elaine Stewart as Princess Fakzia

  • (Elaine Stewart) "I will see you are amply rewarded."
  • (Thomas Gomez) "I have an ancient prejudice against promises."
  • (Elaine Stewart) "There is some love you cannot buy."
  • (John Derek) "Only in legend."
  • (Elaine Stewart) "Perhaps you are right. Perhaps legends are for barbers and love for princesses."
  • (Elaine Stewart) "Leave him a horse."
  • (Paul Picerni) "A bargain is a bargain. You promised him an emerald, not a horse."
  • (Elaine Stewart) "Ow."
  • (John Derek) "What's the matter?"
  • (Elaine Stewart) "The ring."
  • (Elaine Stewart) "Barber, you are fortunate we are not in Ispahan or I would have --"
  • (John Derek) "-- me flogged? That is your answer to all but flattery. You wish to silence everyone by threats. Is that what it is to be a princess?"

Amanda Blake as Banah

  • (Amanda Blake) "I prefer to choose rather than be chosen."
  • (Amanda Blake) "To women of courage we give a choice. Stay with us or we will sell you in Bokara to the highest bidder."

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