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The Big Bang (2011 film) Quotes

The Big Bang (2011 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Big Bang completed its run in 1970.

It features Erik Jendresen as producer, Johnny Marr in charge of musical score, and Shelley Johnson as head of cinematography.

The Big Bang (2011 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Big Bang (2011 film) is 101 minutes long. The Big Bang (2011 film) is distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

The cast includes: William Fichtner as Detective Poley, Antonio Banderas as Ned Cruz, Delroy Lindo as Detective Frizer, Delroy Lindo as Detective Skeres, Snoop Dogg as Puss, Bill Duke as Drummer, Sienna Guillory as Julie Kestral, Autumn Reeser as Fay Neman, Sam Elliott as Simon Kestral, and Jimmi Simpson as Niels Geck.

The Big Bang (2011 film) Quotes

Delroy Lindo as Detective Frizer

  • (Delroy Lindo) "Why -- why. Why the f*** did I let you talk me into this?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "How about -- 30 million dollars worth of 'why'?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "So, who is the crispy midget?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "He's Astrophysics, Frizer."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Astrophysics."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "His name is Russell. He's a white dwarf gone supernova."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "You're an asshole, Frizer. Roll-it-down asshole. If we've a contest, the world's biggest asshole, you coming second."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Yeah? Why not first?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "'Cause you're an asshole."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "See -- I like my aftershave. I like the color of my shoes and I like that -- at the end of the day, I beat you, Cruz."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "By the way, he'll hurt you."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Tell us everything you did, everything you know and tell us now."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Or else what? Poley is gonna hit me? It may get my sight back."
  • (William Fichtner) "Anything that helps, yeah."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Who was it? Who crashed the party?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Well, that -- that -- that's simple. The guys who had been shadowing Anton, then tailing me -- the guys in the Lincoln Town car. I can describe them. One is a f***ing sociopath, who never finished first grade and who nobody likes. Another is a broken down family man, with nothing -- nothing to show for his life. And the third guy -- wears brown shoes and a black suit because he can't tell the difference between right and wrong."

Antonio Banderas as Ned Cruz

  • (Antonio Banderas) "Do you like Adam Nova?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "The actor?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Yeah."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "He's alright. I guess he makes an honest buck."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Try 20 million per picture and 20 percent junk off the back-end. One of the highest paid movie stars in history and I have to tell him -- that it's all over."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "So -- what do you think, is gonna happen at 7.00 a.m. tomorrow?"
  • (Jimmi Simpson) "There are hidden variables, so it's difficult to predict the outcome. But -- I think, one way or another, at 7 a.m. tomorrow, Simon Kestral will be close to God."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "He's a white dwarf gone supernova."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "So, huh -- what happens tomorrow?"
  • (Jimmi Simpson) "Well, we'll recreate the conditions that existed one-trillionth of a second after the Big Bang. Protons will head toward collisions at nearly the speed of light. And quarks and gluons will release enough energy to create the Higgs Boson particle, the God particle. It's unstable, it's fragile. And it will last for less than a one-millionth, of a billionth, of a billionth of a second -- before it decays. But we've seen it for the first time in history."
  • (Sam Elliott) "Questions?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Yeah. The woman who's serving us, she's Hindu, she's dressed in white, and she's mourning. Why?"
  • (Anton 'The Pro' Protopov) "I want you should find somebody."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "You've specific person in mind or will just anybody do?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Niels Geck calculated the probability that Anton Protopov would find him. And based on his result, he bought himself a gun."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Who killed Puss?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Your client did."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Why?"
  • (William Fichtner) "Guess he was following up on your so-called investigation, didn't like the African-American's personality."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "The "Ouroboros" is what Plato described as the first living thing in the universe. An immortal, perfect creature. A serpent eating itself, swallowing its own tail. Everything has meaning."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "When do you get off?"
  • (Autumn Reeser) "About 14 minutes after I start f***ing."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "We've all got kinks. All built-in closets where they hide. There is always the fear that someday someone walks into your closet -- and switches on the light -- and there in the corner is your kink. The most terrible fear of all -- is the fear of being exposed."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "You okay?"
  • (Sienna Guillory) "No. I dropped the gun."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "So -- what's the worst that can happen -- with a couple of billion worth of off-the-shelf technology, brought it together by imperfect human beings HO here in Mexico?"
  • (Jimmi Simpson) "A black hole."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "What was that?"
  • (Jimmi Simpson) "A black hole. Theoretically, collisions with this much energy, could create a black hole that could swallow the earth. Or -- or create strangements that could initiate runaway fusion and turn the planet into a shrunken lump of strange matter."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "We've got nothing to worry about."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "What is all this?"
  • (Autumn Reeser) "These are the spiral trails left by sub-atomic particles moving through liquid hydrogen in presence of a magnet field."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "You know, in fact they look familiar."
  • (Autumn Reeser) "You gotta understand, everything behaves like a particle in a wave at the same time until something is actually observed. Because of the same multiple states of reality simultaneously. Then only you actually observe anything, anywhere in the universe, to change it. And if that thing is entangled in a relationship with anything else, it changes still, instantly. And that's faster than a speed of light. But you know what? Nothing's faster than the speed of light. It's real-life magic -- and atom. It's made of electrons, protons and neutrons. And protons and neutrons are made up of quarks, and quarks are held together by gluons. And gluons are bosons, and bosons -- are elementary particles, which are the fundamental forces of nature."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "But it was you guys, you all along."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Three days later, they find Skinny Faddeev in the kitchen at Prostranstva. And -- it's hard to tell the difference between the former Master and the Borscht."

Autumn Reeser as Fay Neman

  • (Autumn Reeser) "And you are here because?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Because -- I'm looking for someone who is supposed to exist but nobody has seen."
  • (Autumn Reeser) "I mean, you solved everything -- and you got the girl and -- I got the gecko."

William Fichtner as Detective Poley

  • (William Fichtner) "Remember: I can read your mind."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "You couldn't read even a picture book."
  • (William Fichtner) "I am a human lie detector. If you don't tell me the truth, I'll beat it outta you. And love every minute of it."
  • (William Fichtner) "Bulls***. Bulls***."
  • (William Fichtner) "What the f***'s all this got to do with finding the stripper?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "What the f***'s a busted condom got to do with your birth certificate, Poley? It's just cause and effect."
  • (William Fichtner) "I f***in' knew it."
  • (William Fichtner) "Tick -- buried, tock -- buried."
  • (William Fichtner) "You think too much."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Compared to you, Poley, so does asparagus."
  • (William Fichtner) "Say, that's my favorite f***ing vegetable."

Sam Elliott as Simon Kestral

  • (Sam Elliott) "If everything there is, from all the heavenly bodies in all the galaxy's still expanding universe, to you and me was one smaller than a single atom, where did all this mass and matter come from?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Don't tell me, the God particle."
  • (Sam Elliott) "f***ing A. At 7:00 a.m., tomorrow morning, with 5 billion dollars worth off-the-shelf technology, I'm gonna answer the greatest question of all time."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Why do men have nipples?"
  • (Sam Elliott) "27 hours, I'm gonna find something that theoretically should exist but no one has ever seen."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Funny. This is exactly what I'm looking for."
  • (Sam Elliott) "You know why?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Yes, because I'm a private detective and I've been hired to."
  • (Sam Elliott) "Because I already know why we're here. I knew it the first time I dropped acid."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Really? When was the last time?"
  • (Sam Elliott) "We are sentient beings, evolved in an infinite universe. An infinite extrapolation of our evolution is to become Gods ourselves. You dig?"
  • (Sam Elliott) "Oh f***."
  • (Sam Elliott) "You're in a 8-mile long circular tunnel, 300 feet below San Celeritas. And 27 hours from now 8 Magnet-Assembly storing 10 GigaJoules of energy, will guide two proton beams fired simultaneously in a semi-circular path towards each other, at 99.999% of the speed of light, and they'll collide right in there."
  • (Antonio Banderas) "Whoa."
  • (Sam Elliott) "To recreate conditions of 3/8th of a second after The Big Bang. The beginning of the universe -- 13 billion years ago. Questions? Preguntas?"
  • (Antonio Banderas) "'What the f*** for', comes to mind."
  • (Sam Elliott) "Let's see what we're made of."
  • (Sam Elliott) "Detach yourself, detective."
  • (Sam Elliott) "I think you two need to -- go away. Do your business. Talk, f*** -- whatever. By 7.00 a.m. tomorrow, I'm gonna be on stage -- standing next to God -- and looking right up his sleeve."
  • (Sam Elliott) "The reason we are here is to find out how we are here. What is the trick? What is the divine mechanism that gives form and substance to all things? Any other questions are waste of f***ing time. This is the only worthwhile pursuit in the universe, bro."
  • (Sam Elliott) "Dr. Niels Geck. PhD at MIT, age 13. Rogue scholar, age 16. Professor of Departement of Theoretical Physics, University of Geneva, age 20. Chief Physicist at the San Celeritas particle Collider. He's blessed with a neurological disorder. He sees words and numbers as shapes and colors. It's called synesthesia. It's like being born on acid. So he has very rich inner life. I envy him above all others."

Bill Duke as Drummer

  • (Bill Duke) "Just remember: love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. Cupid is blind."

Sienna Guillory as Julie Kestral

  • (Sienna Guillory) "Close your eyes -- and I will show you my secrets. You gonna love me -- without shame or fear. Your search ends with me. I am missing person -- of your heart. Your one -- true love."

Snoop Dogg as Puss

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Jimmi Simpson as Niels Geck

  • (Jimmi Simpson) "There's just no explaining for, how this universe acquired mass. There's no explanation at all for how, we're here in a physical sense. Unless, unless there is some special, mysterious particle that actually gives mass to -- well, everything. In a sense, such a particle must exist, but we've never seen it. It's like love. We know it exists. We can feel it, but we've never seen it."

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